Kortn’s Crib, solo edition: Malay, Philippines 2024

Kortn is back in Malay, Aklan on the Philippine island of Panay, where the Earth Vagabonds waited out the Covid pandemic for more than two years.

Sadly, this time I’m alone for a couple months as wife Ellen visits family and handles other obligations back in the USA. We will rejoin in early July in Japan.

During Covid we stayed in a spacious two-bedroom unit about one kilometer from my current location. (My mom was with us for some of that time too).

No need for a big space this trip — so I’m renting a small, comfy seaside house from some Belgian friends we met during the pandemic time.

The video below is the latest edition of Kortn’s Crib. 

Thanks for reading, “Kortn’s Crib: Malay, Aklan, Philippines 2024.”

About Theo

Tedly (Theo) retired early from the news business to wander the planet with wife Ellen. He enjoys exploring all Earth has to offer: jungles and beaches, volcanoes and deserts – always drinking beer along the way.

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