Kortan’s Crib: Bangkok edition

A view of Bangkok, Thailand, from the roof of Kortan's Crib -- also known as his slow travel rental for a month.

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Ellen

Kortan’s Crib is back! Bangkok edition. Earth Vagabonds made a short video tour of the current month-long rental unit in our slow travel adventure. It’s our first Airbnb rental reveal in years!

Our long-time readers will remember we call these video tours ‘Kortan’s Crib’. Theo — now bearded — is in front of the camera, just like back in our working TV news days when everyone called him “Kortan.” (He has a lot of nicknames, lol.)

Kortan’s Crib: Bangkok edition

For this edition of Kortan’s Crib, we’re in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, on Soi (avenue) 13. It’s ideally located near public transportation, shopping, restaurants, and more.

The rent for one month is nearly $700 — including Airbnb fees. Utilities, cable TV, and fast internet are all included.

Take a look:

Kortan’s Crib: Bangkok edition

Kortan’s Crib is a base for our big city wanderings. Most days, we split up. I meet with people seeking to enhance their spirituality. Theo eats Thai salads and drinks beer. (If you missed his video tour of street food in Bangkok, aka “Kortan’s Cuisine’, that video is on another post.)

He’s also working on a book about our recent Ati experience during the pandemic in the Philippines.

Movies & museums

We recently enjoyed a modern art museum for the first time in years. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok is worth the price of admission if you are an art lover and interested in seeing how modern art looks in Southeast Asia. Admission was the equivalent of $7.50 each.

The museum loaned us a wheelchair so I could easily enjoy five floors of art. (I have a broken toe from an accident in the Philippines, and a blistered toe from a Bangkok walking tour.

We also saw an IMAX movie for the first time in several years at a great price – only $14 total. Memberships at the theater near Kortan’s Crib cost fifty cents each. Then we used those cards to ‘buy one ticket, get one free’.

One regular ticket to an IMAX movie in Bangkok cost $13. (Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore – not our cup of tea, but it was nice to see an IMAX movie.)

Do people still ‘go to the movies’ in the USA? What does it cost? Here in Bangkok, there was only one other person in the theater besides us…

Travel plans

We rode a city bus to the Thai immigration office to extend our stay by 30 days, which turned into a half-day adventure. (What it’s like on the famous #166 bus can be seen in a video on our Facebook page.)

After Bangkok, we will go to Hua Hin, the beach city Theo mentioned in the Kortan’s Crib Bangkok edition. It’s a return trip to there for us. The first trip was only for a couple of weeks; this second one will last a month.

And why not? We’re slow travelers, and Life is Now.

Thanks for reading, ‘Kortan’s Crib: Bangkok edition’.

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