Adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines

adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines

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Leaping from cliffs, waterfalls, bridges, trees, etc., is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies as we wander around the world in early retirement.

Truthfully, I’ve always enjoyed plunging into natural swimming holes and pools with high diving boards. But since coming to Southeast Asia – where steep terrain, hot temperatures, and abundant rainfall are common – there are evermore opportunities for new amazing jumps to be made.

In the last few weeks here in the Philippines, where we are currently staying, I’ve made jumps at more than seven different places. Below is a quick review of each with pics and video from Bohol and Cebu islands.

Hopefully, other travelers and adventurers will be inspired to visit and enjoy these thrilling and refreshing attractions.

Adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines

Pahangog (Twin) Falls near Dimaio, Bohol

My current favorite spot for jumping, swimming, sunning, and having a few beers is Pahangog (Twin) Falls, found in the hills above Dimaio, Bohol, Philippines. As you can see in the video below, this natural double waterfall is gorgeous and high and easy to access. And even though Bohol is a heavily touristed island, Twin Falls are a bit off the ‘tourist path’, so there’s not many people there. 

Those who do map it on Google maps can get there most easily on a rented scooter. The road is good until the last half-mile or so where it becomes loose stones and mud ruts – which are negotiable with care. Amazingly, admission to Pahangog Falls is 20 Pesos (.40 cents)* and motorbike parking is 10 Pesos more (.20 cents).

There are small covered picnic tables that can be rented for 50 Pesos ($1).  And they do sell cold water, soda, and beer from an ice cooler at the site.  There’s even a restroom. The path and 150 stairs down to the pool is easy for anyone in moderate physical condition. In all, a great way to spend a few hours on a hot day.

Ingkumhan Falls near Dimaio, Bohol

Just a few minutes down the same road from the Twin Falls is another nice waterfall that shows up on Google maps called Ingkumhan Falls. The parking and entrance fees are the same at this smaller site. But in addition to a couple of jumping spots about 20 feet high, there is also a rope swing that goes out from the falls over the swimming area. Super fun! 

Ingkumhan Falls are small and a little more rustic, the pathway shorter but slightly rougher – but the driveway to the parking area is all nice smooth concrete. There is also an unofficial ‘guide’ who welcomes and assists visitors with climbing and swinging and safety info. I gave him 100 Pesos ($2) for his valuable service.

Kinahugan Falls near Jagna, Bohol

I found and enjoyed a much smaller waterfall called Kinahugan Falls several miles north of the town of Jagna, Bohol. Nobody was there except me. 

To get there, I actually rode my bicycle for about 30 minutes up into the hills beyond the Jagna municipal cemetery. A motor scooter would be much easier and faster. 

Kinahuga Falls is a semi-circle of about nine separate small falls all dumping into a moderate sized swimming area. It is possible to climb up the face of one waterfall and jumping could be done from another spot (somewhat hazardous). 

Kinahuga is probably best just for a cool swim. The turnoff from the main road is marked with a small sign and an even smaller sign marks the footpath to the falls. Be alert or you’ll miss it. Motorbikes can be left along the road near a couple small grocery stores that sell drinks, beer and snacks.

Can-umantad Falls near Candijay, Bohol

The tallest waterfall on the island of Bohol is located in the town of Candijay near the far eastern end of the island – about two hours drive from the well-known tourist areas of Tagbilaran and Panglao. 

Can-umantad Falls is a three-tiered cascade with a total height of more than 150 feet. There is no jumping area at this falls but swimming in the bottom splash pool is permitted and you can wade directly into the loud falling water. Because of that, these falls are on the list for adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines.

Access to the falls is by a very steep concrete driveway, or by about 500 stairs from a nearby rice farm and restaurant called Eleuterio’s. Admission to the falls is 20 Pesos (.40 cents) and ‘guides’ are available for a donation.  Admission to Eleuterio’s grounds is 50 Pesos. It’s a friendly and scenic place but the food was unremarkable and overpriced.

Canawa Cold Spring near Candijay, Bohol

In the same vicinity as Can-umantad Falls is a spring fed swimming and jumping pool called Canawa Cold Spring. The road to, and between, the two attractions is very rough in some spots but slowly passable on a motor scooter. 

Canawa Cold Spring charges 20 pesos to enter. Several stores sell snacks and drinks near the entrance. Tables and covered ‘cottages’ can be rented for a dollar or two. At Canawa cold spring there is one place where tree roots can be climbed to reach a tree jumping spot about 15 feet high.

Tibaw Cave Pool near Anda, Bohol

The final cliff jumping I’ve done on the island of Bohol was near the beach town of Anda. There, numerous ‘cave pools’ exist. These are basically limestone caves very near the coastline which have collapsed and now expose clear, cool pools inside (similar to Mexican cenotes). 

We visited the Tibaw Cave Pool (searchable on Google maps) where jumping is possible from the rocky rim about ten feet above the water.  There are some benches and basic picnic facilities around the shaded pool.  Admission is by donation.  The beautiful Anda white sand beach is about a 15-minute walk into town.

(The more popular nearby Cabagnow Cave Pool was closed to jumping and swimming during our visit.)

Bridge jumping in Liloan, Cebu

Before coming to Bohol, we spent time on the larger Philippine island of Cebu. Near our rental apartment in the town of Liloan I noticed groups of kids jumping from a bridge overpass into a river. Of course, I had to join them! Great fun! 

About 20 feet high, nice deep, cool water below; a perfect way to chill out on a hot, humid Cebu afternoon. Smart kids!

Kawasan Falls near Moalboal, Cebu

Finally, while in the town of Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines, known for its permanent school of millions of sardines, we took a day trip trip to nearby series of waterfalls known as Kawasan Falls.

The place is a fairly busy and well-advertised attraction that also offered hiking, canyoning and zipline adventures. We paid 50 pesos each for waterfall admission; plus another $1 for a required life vest. Our unofficial guide was our tricycle taxi driver who charged us 1,000 pesos ($20–plus tip) to transport us the one hour each direction from Moalboal.

Inside the Kawasan grounds there are at least three different waterfall areas with large swimming pools and various places for jumping. There is a constant stream of people leaping from the 10-meter falls as part of their canyoning tour. I did that same jump in the video below.

Unfortunately, my Casio sport wristwatch got detached and lost on this jump. Thankfully, it was four years old and cost less than $50 brand new.  Note to self: remove all non-essentials when waterfall jumping.

Aside from that, Kawasan Falls were great and deserve a spot on this list of adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines.

There is plenty of food and drink and tables and seating available at very reasonable cost. The place is big and clean and nicely manicured. The walk to the falls is about 20 minutes on mostly flat, smooth, concrete walkways. Taking the public bus from Moalboal is an easy and cheaper option too. Tip: avoid weekend crowds.

Even my mom (grandma Diane) enjoyed jumping at Kawasan Falls. She did not do the big jump, but that’s her in the photo mid-flight at one of the smaller waterfall pools.

As always, give thanks for your blessings, happy trails, and more beer.

Life is now!

*Editor’s note: Ellen suggested raising the admission to a dollar to the attendant at Pahangog Twin Falls. Tourists can cough up a buck for this fantastic site, and it’s a monetarily poor area.

Also, thanks to Mom Diane for taking all the Bohol waterfall videos!

Thanks for reading “Adventurous waterfall jumps in the Philippines.”

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