Slow travel budget examples

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Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Ellen

So what does it cost for a slow traveler on a budget to live for a month in Kotor or Lisbon, Bangkok or Penang? Rishikesh or Tulum? You will find the Earth Vagabonds slow travel budget examples from around the world listed below on this page.

Our budget from 2015 to mid-2023 was $2,000 a month for two people. That amount still works in less expensive countries in Asia, but as we head back to Europe in 2023, we will increase our budget substantially — by 50 percent!

During the pandemic, when we were ‘stuck’ in the Philippines, we gave away our unused travel money to Filipino and indigenous friends trying to survive without tourists. So, the ‘charity’ categories in those months are way higher than normal.

Budgets are relative — yours may be higher or lower. But these expenditure examples give you a clear idea of what you can spend as a budget slow traveler in various cities around the world.

The most recent budget breakdowns are at the top of this ever-growing list.

Last note: we don’t play around with fudging dates. Every post is clearly marked when it was posted. We don’t pretend everything was written this year, like some other travel bloggers.

Slow travel budget examples

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