Continuously wandering the planet since 2015.

Hello! We are Ellen and Theo – experts at budget slow travel in early retirement. We are “Earth Vagabonds.”

Instead of relocating to one specific place in retirement as many retirees do, we wander the planet.

We retired early to travel the world while we still were young and healthy enough to easily do it.

Our methods can also apply to people of traditional retirement age. After all, we all have budget to stick to!

We invite you to read more about our personal story.

Ellen & Theo (Ellie & Tedly)

budget slow travel in early retirement by ellen and theo earth vagabonds


Vagabond: (n) A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. (adj) Having no settled home.

slow travel

Long-term stays of a month or more; fly as little as possible, use buses and trains; the faster you go the less you see.

early retirement

Stay on budget
Financial freedom
Active learning​
Global citizentry

Climate catastrophe note

Budget slow travel means we don’t own a car and we fly as little as possible.

Sadly, we see the negative impacts of the climate crisis all over the world.

For a scientific look at the current crisis and fast-approaching catastrophe, we highly recommend The Climate Book. Civilization is running out of time.

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