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We are currently in India.

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Afraid of health care overseas? Don’t be!

Our special guide on global health care shows you:

  • 7 easy steps to find the right doctors and hospitals
  • Specific price examples for various medical services
  • What to know about medical visas
  • And more!

We go without travel health insurance, but many of the principles apply to those with coverage.

Theo jumps from a cliff into sea, happy about early retirement and slow travel.

See what it costs to retire early and travel the world!

Check out our popular monthly budget breakdowns.

New here? Thanks for coming!

We are Ellen and Theo (Ellie & Tedly) – and we are experts at budget slow travel in early retirement. We are “Earth Vagabonds.”

Vagabond: (n) A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. (adj) Having no settled home.

Instead of retiring and relocating to one specific place as many retirees do, we wander the planet. Full-time since 2015! It’s a travel lifestyle for us – we are way different than tourists. You could say we are on a never-ending holiday!

We retired early to travel the world while we still were young enough — and healthy enough — to easily do it.

But our methods shared on this site can also apply to people of traditional retirement age. After all – we all have a budget to stick to!

There are more than 750 pages on this site. We share a lot about how to live the budget slow travel lifestyle in early retirement, and we hope you find some of it useful.

Our mantra: Life is Now.

We hope to see you out here!

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