Slow travel cost to live in Rishikesh 1 month

cost to live in rishikesh

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Ellen

We left Rishikesh, India a couple weeks ago. Our 180-day visa period was expiring – so we came to amazing Nepal to reset and refresh.

But as always, we want to share our most recent monthly spending summary so readers can see what living in another interesting overseas locale really costs.

We found Rishikesh – the well-known yoga and meditation center on the Ganges River, five hours north of Delhi – to be one of our favorite Indian destinations.

In fact, we liked it so much we are going back for another month in April/May! That’s a rarity for our vagabond souls.

We’ll stay at the same spacious, comfortable apartment. Dine at the large selection of inexpensive and tasty nearby restaurants. And again enjoy the natural, spiritual, and bohemian vibes which make Rishikesh a tourist draw.

But for now, here’s the exact cost breakdown for the period of January, 30 through February 28, 2023.

rock beach in rishikesh, india, on the ganges river

Cost to live in Rishikesh 1 month

Slow travel budget breakdown

  • $658  —  Housing
  • $328  —  Excursions
  • $293  —  Restaurants
  • $286  —  Gifts/Charity
  • $121  — Groceries
  • $113  —  Health
  • $52   —   Beer
  • $49   —   Supplies
  • $49   —   Local transport
  • $33   —   Travel


$1982  total for 2 people

A few qualifiers / explanations:

– My mother, Diane, stayed with us through the whole Rishikesh month. We did not include mom’s food or transport in OUR monthly total. The rent of about $22 per day would have been the same with or without mom – so we did not deduct her ‘share’.

diane ellen theo in rishikesh on the ganges river

– The majority of the ‘Excursions’ cost was for a 10-day meditation seminar Ellen attended.*

– Of course, we were already in India with mom before Rishikesh – so travel cost to get there was just a cheap train ticket and Uber ride. Obviously, someone taking an international flight to India would have far higher ‘Travel’ expenses.

Slow travel lifestyle: Priceless!

We continue to share our monthly cost breakdowns to show that despite inflation and energy/fuel costs, living comfortably – ‘like a local’ – for under $2000 per month (our budget goal) is still quite possible in lots of desirable places around the globe.

ellen theo on ferry across ganges river in rishikesh at laxman jhula

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails, & more beer.

Life is NOW!

*Editor’s note: Ellen’s Vipassana Center retreat in Chennai, India, never charges. The ‘excursion’ cost was technically a donation.

Thanks for reading, “Slow travel cost to live in Rishikesh 1 month.”

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