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Hello! We are Ellen and Tedly – and we love to travel in retirement. We are “Earth Vagabonds.”

Vagabond: (n) A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. (adj) Having no settled home.

Instead of retiring and relocating to one specific place, as many retirees do, we wander. Full-time.

We retired early to travel the world while we still were young enough, and healthy enough, to easily do it.

I quit my career at 43 years old. Tedly retired at 52.

Early retirement was an intentional decision. It took years of planning, saving and investing, and wise spending. It also took a shove from the universe.

As we were getting close to a decision about early retirement, Ellen’s company laid her off. So, after some months of debate, we knew the time was right.

Our retirement dream

We always loved international travel. While working, we looked forward to a retirement of global wandering. This motivated us to set goals and make lifestyle decisions that allowed for more savings. Frugal choices led to financial freedom.

We lived below our means, we put money into retirement accounts, we made other investments, we didn’t have children, and we didn’t buy junk we didn’t need.

The Retirement Travel page contains more information about how to retire early and travel the world — and how much it costs.

Living the dream

We often stay in one place for a month at a time. We’ve covered a lot ground since 2015.

  • 4 continents
  • 20 countries
  • 100+ cities and villages
  • More than 100 apartment rentals & hotel rooms

Our full list of countries and cities is on our Destinations page.

This is an independent blog!

We do not work with brands or affiliates. We are not trying to sell you anything.

Ellen and Tedly happily travel in retirement and invite you to learn how they do it.

Unlike other travel bloggers, whenever we review a restaurant, hotel, or some other service or product, we get nothing in return. Nada. No free dinners, no kickbacks, no free rides, no discounts of any kind.

You will see display ads, but those help cover the cost of hosting this site and getting all of this free information to you. The ads you see are automatic, variable, and based on each user’s browser history.

Medical challenge during travel in retirement

In our third year of early retired budget travel, Ellen got breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in Zagreb, Croatia. She did not want reconstruction, and so she now travels the world as a fabulous “flattie.” The best news is that there has been no evidence of disease since July 2018.

We kept up our travel plan because it makes us happy, and this is the lifestyle we always wanted.

To anyone on the fence about traveling the world now or later: do it now.

Life is now.

Other points about this site

We share our yearly budget breakdowns from our travel in retirement. We post our monthly expenses and reveal money-saving techniques in various cities around the world. Find those goodies in the Retirement Travel page.

Use the “Search” feature for more insider info from our experiences.

Send us an email on our Contact Us page. We enjoy showing people that retired budget travel can be a real possibility. And it can be ‘endless, if you spend less’.

Maybe one day we will see you somewhere on this fantastic planet Earth.



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