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A luxury suburban gated community. It’s not the kind of place we normally stay during our ongoing Earth vagabonding.

But as I explained in an earlier blog post, after more than three months of traipsing around India, I needed a break.

When I saw the cut-rate Airbnb listing for a place near the beach in balmy, southeastern Chennai, we decided to make it our home for a five-week recharge.

Kortan’s Crib in Chennai

To be accurate, 35 nights cost $715.75. An $18.60 cleaning charge, $77.53 Airbnb fee, and $86.42 in taxes brought the lodging total to $898.30.

It is somewhat more than the $600 – $700 we are accustomed to paying for monthly housing. But the term includes 5 extra days.

Plus, as you see in the video, the property is a recent construction with private amenities we have not had in India (including night-time silence).

Add in the nearby beach and mall and the abundance of standard Indian food and shopping options all available right outside our security gate, and this holiday getaway spot makes a perfect place to rest up before more months of vagabonding in India.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

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