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Earth Vagabonds are uninfluenced travel experts. We maintain this website independently – no affiliate, no sponsors. We do this as a service to help others benefit from our experience with budget slow travel in early retirement since late 2015.

And we are happy to spread the word: if we can do it, you can do it, too.

Earth Vagabonds Travel Experts: Interviews, The Plain Dealer

Our hometown paper and its sister website wrote an article about our Philippine quarantine experience. When the pandemic started, we were traveling with Theo’s Mom Diane.

We all kept our cool in the coronavirus crisis.

The article covers in that early phase.

Mom Diane returned to the USA in late 2018.

One more pandemic note

By the time Ellen and Theo left the Philippines in 2022, the indigenous Ati tribe had running drinking water and electricity in a blossoming village.

We Earth Vagabonds, along with generous overseas donors and Theo’s mom Diane, also sponsored big sustainability projects.

  • new henhouse and hens for egg sales
  • fishing boats with motors and nets
  • gardens and trees, and more

Today we miss our Ati and Filipino friends, but we are also happy to be back at budget slow travel.

Business Insider

Business Insider has a great on the top things Americans should do to get ready to retire abroad.

We talked about personal financial planning that got us where we are today.

Read the thought-provoking Business Insider article.

Cancer Commons

Another interview was a for an article on the Cancer Commons website.

Cancer Commons identified Ellen as a “Super Patient” and shared her story with other patients and families. She hopes it will help other women take the reins on their own cancer care – no matter where in the world they might be.

Ellen’s Cancer Commons interview will lift your spirits.

(The other website Ellen runs is a compilation of resources for triple positive breast cancer patients with tumors that are the T1-size classification, like hers. Visit that website.)

A few other examples of when we needed health care abroad:

Health care in a foreign country tends to scare most Americans. We hope to continue spreading the word about quality health care abroad.

Travel Awaits & travel experts Earth Vagabonds

We had a fun question and answer session with the website Travel Awaits.

Earth Vagabonds answered questions like what inspired them to travel the world, and the best piece of advice they have for aspiring world travelers in retirement.

The initial Travel Awaits interview led to inclusion in a second feature piece: “The 11 most affordable countries to visit in 2019.”


Bustle published an inspiring article about people who travel despite sickness.

It features people with health issues who still travel, including a young man with heart problems to Ellen. She had a double mastectomy for breast cancer while traveling abroad – and kept traveling.

The Bustle interview inspires travel despite illness.

She Hit Refresh Podcast

The She Hit Refresh podcast featured Ellen in Season 2.

She Hit Refresh is an online community of women age 30 and older who want to break free from their routine and start a life of travel, and also women who’ve done it.

And more! Are you next?

Earth Vagabonds travel experts are spreading the word about budget slow travel on other podcasts, and a large financial independence group invited them as speakers.

Contact us.

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