Budget slow travel cost breakdown for Kochi (& Goa)

It’s gone great in Goa. As I write this, we are wrapping up more than two weeks spent on India’s most famous beaches.

The weather’s been wonderful, the sand spectacular, and the prices perfect for the holiday season. Our Goa stay averaged under $80 per day.


North Goa review
South Goa review

Speaking of prices and the year end, I want to offer our final long-term spending summary of 2023. Just prior to Goa, we spent  November 16 to December 19 in the deep-south India city of Kochi.

I posted a ‘Kortn’s crib’ video tour of our $25.71 per-night Kochi Airbnb apartment a few weeks ago.  But below is the complete monthly cost breakdown for the 33 nights on the balmy bayous of the Kerala state coastline.

$848  —  Housing

$542  —  Travel

$347  —  Charity/Gifts

$277  —  Groceries

$193  —  Restaurants

$124  —  Beer

$115  —  Excursions

$112  —  Supplies

$68   —   Health

$60   —   Local transit


$2,686  for 2 people  /  33 nights

The total is 34 percent over our budget goal of $2,000 per month when staying in India. But there are some easy explanations.

Most obvious; the $542 in travel is what it cost to fly to India from Türkiye – after reluctantly canceling our plans for winter in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. (We already have five-year India visas – so no cost for that.)

The airfare was a good price for two people. For economic and environmental reasons we do try to minimize air travel. Slow travel is NOT globe-hopping. We now plan to stay in India (traveling by train & bus) for the next five to six months. 

The charity/gift category reflects some extra holiday season giving.

The grocery category is slightly elevated due to bulk protein powder and protein bar purchases as we attempt to improve our nutrition.

33 nights is more than a month! Every day beyond a standard 30-day month will tack on $50 to $100 in expenses.

Overall, as usual, we are pleased with the total expenditures for this long stay. Kochi was a unique Indian experience (water, water everywhere).

In addition, we found the Kochi area to be somewhat more orderly, clean, economical, English-speaking, and ‘user-friendly’ than many Indian metropolises. Though we noted very few foreigners during our visit, we both think Kochi would be a good place for an Indian ‘travel novice’ to consider as a begin point.

As always, be thankful and generous. Happy trails & more beer!

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