7 Incredible waterfalls, thrilling cliff jumps in Bali

A man slides down a natural rock slide waterfall in Bali

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We found a site with four thrilling cliff jumps in Bali, Indonesia, seven mesmerizing waterfalls, and an amazing rock slide. It’s unlike anything else we’ve seen on our travels.

Check out this 50-foot leap from a waterfall cliff!

Plunging into a cool, fresh, tropical waterfall pool is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable. As early retired, budget, slow travelers, finding these places is something of a hobby.  

Bali, Indonesia has some of the best waterfalls and jumping on the planet.

What makes these cliff jumps in Bali so unbelievable

By best waterfalls and cliff jumps, I mean a few things: 

  • They are close to roads for easy access
  • Admission costs are cheap – or free
  • Paths and stairs are in decent condition
  • The falls and pools themselves are well-tested and safe; deep splashdown areas, no submerged rocks, sandy bottoms
  • Easy climbs to jump points

These qualifications are crucial. In our years of travel, we’ve visited a number of waterfalls that required long, hot hikes on difficult terrain, where the water flow is seasonal and swimming or jumping is limited because of poor natural features or dangerous conditions.

Of course, no one enjoys a waterfall that is overly developed either. Our recent visit to the Aling Aling waterfall area near the northern Bali town of Lovina struck the perfect balance.

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Aling Aling is truly a natural ‘water park’

Aling Aling is an easy 15-minute drive up into the northern coastal foothills. There is a 125,000 rupiah admission fee ($8) to jump/swim. But you can walk down and view the waterfalls (and jumpers) without swimming for 20,000 rupiah ($1.25).

It is a spectacular place — and the best cliff jumping I’ve ever experienced!

There are a total of seven different waterfalls along a short stretch of the steep riverbed. One, 5, 10, and 15 meter cliff jumping spots are available. (That’s about 4, 16, 32, and 50 feet!) There is also a 10 meter-long, smooth, natural, rock ‘sliding board’. The place is a blast!

As part of the admission fee, we were assigned a local ‘personal guide’ who stayed with us and supervised and photographed (with our phone) the climbs, jumps and slides. We were even given new life vests (useful protection on the slide). Most valuable was his coaching and reassurance about the jump landing zones.

When leaping from a 20, 30, or 50-foot waterfall, you want to be assured of a wide, deep, unobstructed splashdown.  Woooohoooo!

As you can see from the photos and videos, Aling Aling is a beautiful and thrilling place to do cliff jumps in Bali. In addition, there are changing rooms, a few seating areas, snack food vendors, and paid secure parking.

You can also easily walk about 10 minutes upstream and view (no jumping) the majestic 100-foot high Aling Aling waterfall. Gorgeous!

man and woman smile in front of the aling-aling waterfall after cliff jumps in bali

In all, I think the Aling Aling experience is well worth the $8 fee. And while there are lots of places I haven’t been, I suspect very few offer the number and variety of thrills and views combined with the ease of access and safety that is present here.

Happy trails and more beer.

(Editor’s note: Ellen jumped from the 20-foot cliff and aggravated her broken ribs from Theo’s scooter crash in Krabi, Thailand, so she didn’t continue jumping.)

Aling Aling waterfall in Bali

Getting there

Grab isn’t common in this part of Bali, and there are no public buses. Scooter rentals or the infrequent cab could get you there. Our Airbnb host drove us up from Lovina.

A Google map of the waterfall area is here.

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