Cheap Bali vacation: 1 month, 2 people, $1,500

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People will spend $1,500 and more for a week’s vacation. Our cheap Bali vacation cost the same for two people – for a whole month!

The time went fast, but we have now spent 30 days in Bali, Indonesia.

We stayed a few nights in the beautiful but busy southwestern tourist beach area upon arrival, then moved to the much quieter northern shore where we’ve been enjoying a super-slow pace and lots of time in and around our private pool and bungalow.

Of course, we’ve also done some exploration of this part of the island and its black, volcanic beaches, waterfalls, temples, dive spots and the cheap, authentic, local Balinese food scene.

As we always do, we record every penny that we spend in our Spending Tracker phone app so we can easily keep an eye on the budget.

We try to share this information each month so people who might be considering retired budget travel or a slow travel lifestyle can see our actual costs of living in Bali for a month. (Other countries for other months are linked below.)

This is the exact breakdown of our expenses for our cheap Bali vacation – the first of our two months in Indonesia.

Cheap Bali vacation expenses

$495 – Housing (Airbnbs in Legian & Lovina, Bali)
$337 – Restaurant food & drink
$218 – Long distance travel
$206 – Groceries
$179 – Tours/Excursions
$37  – Gifts & Charity
$30  – Local travel
$24  – Health (medications)
$1,526  =  30-day total for two people

A few notes:
-Long distance travel includes airfare from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bali, pro-rated immigration fees, and the 4-hour private car ride to the northern Bali coast.
-Local travel is taxi fares to/from the KL and Bali airports and any more local transport.
-We had no doctor, dental, or vision visits during this 30-day period.
-We are no longer showing our ongoing US leased property costs or income generated — as those are truly separate from our travel spending.

See inside our Lovina rental here.

Read more about the Aling Aling waterfalls from us here, and from TripAdvisor here.

We are in independent blog. We get nothing in return for any praises sung.

More monthly budget breakdowns:
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