India trip: Under budget, low cost of living

Earth Vagabonds India trip included Jaipur, with the famous Hawa Mahal, pictured here.

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Ellen

Another month. Another foreign destination. Another crazy experience. Another spending breakdown for our slow travel India trip in early retirement.

This time: Jaipur, India — the capital city of the state of Rajasthan.

What follows is an exact accounting of what we spent during the period of October 22 to November 21.

India trip: under budget

Monthly cost-of-living in Jaipur

  • $590  — Housing
  • $350  — Charity/Gifts
  • $207  — Groceries
  • $134  — Health
  • $79   —  Restaurants
  • $76   —  Supplies
  • $44   —  Excursions
  • $44   —  Beer
  • $33   —  Travel
  • $19   —  Local transport


$1,576 total for 2 persons

A reminder: these figures are copied directly from our daily spending app (Spending Tracker). Every morning, over coffee, we recount and record our previous day’s expenses. Every penny.

India trip notes during our month in Jaipur

As you can see, the cost of living in India can be very reasonable.

However, this month’s total was depressed due to my dengue fever. For two weeks, I did not leave our Airbnb apartment. Ellen’s only spending was for groceries and medicines. Thankfully, dengue did not require ongoing medical treatment and expense — just rest & recovery.

‘Travel’ is long-distance air/train/bus tickets. In this case, our train to Jaipur from the western Thar desert.

‘Supplies’ is semi-durable goods: toiletries, clothing, accessories, cell service, etc.

Since COVID, we’ve increased our help in the form of gifts, assistance, and tips to those who are less fortunate and struggling as economies and tourism slowly rebound.

In summary, our spending goal is $2,000 per month as we travel the world. Usually we slightly exceed that amount. We always allow for a 20% to 25% overage.

Pie chart spending breakdown for one month in Jaipur during Earth Vagabonds' India trip.

India trip monthly budget breakdowns

The purpose of publicizing our expense breakdowns is to show that a comfortable, fun, fulfilling existence is possible outside of the USA and other Western nations — despite inflation and on a limited budget/pension/social security.

As always, be thankful & generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “India trip: under budget, low cost of living.”

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