Philippine Quarantine Day 10: Video tour

Philippine Quarantine Day 10

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Ellen

We are healthy. We are safe. We are comfortable — and we have a video tour to show you.

Our regular readers know we sometimes give video tours of our apartments around the world in segments we call “Kortan’s Crib.”

Philippine Quarantine Day 10

Video tour

Without further ado, see where Mom Diane, Tedly and I are staying during our Philippine Quarantine, in this special edition of “Kortan’s Crib.”

It took a long time to get that video uploaded. No problem – I’m not busy, LOL. The WiFi here is basic, and we usually use data for video calls to family. So the video tour above is much shorter than Tedly’s usual three-and-a-half minutes.

This two-bedroom apartment rental is in Malay, Aklan Province, on Panay Island, at the Hangout Beach Resort.

Hangout Beach Resort

The front of our apartment building is pictured above. Under this apartment, there are smaller-sized rentals, and there are small bungalow rentals on the grounds.

We were first confined to the apartment and rooftop you just saw in the video. But now, per officials, we are allowed to move around the grounds. We just cannot leave the property.

In a previous post, we talked about what it’s costing us to stay here for one month.

When this coronavirus chaos is all over, we recommend the Hangout to anyone and everyone. It’s billed as a budget hotel. And most of the accommodations here cost far less than what you would find in nearby Boracay, a tourist hot spot across the water.

The owner, Yolly, and her friends are wonderful people. They are positive, happy people, full of light and laughter.

If you missed the gripping adventure on how we got here, and how Yolly let us in, you can read that right here.

Days & nights

I’ve been reading a lot more these days. I have some books on reserve at the library for my digital checkouts, and I just got one that I’d been waiting for. Lately my days are spent reading. And daydreaming.

The daily updates to this blog take a bit of time, especially when I’m struggling with the WiFi. The connection is stronger in the morning, before the system gets bogged down, and so I get up with the sun to take care of business.

Mom and I play Scrabble sometimes. It’s actually addicting. I’m determined to beat her more often. She’s a tough opponent: she used to belong to a club and she played nightly with her late husband, Joe.

While I was lazy today, Mom tried out Zumba for the first time with Yolly and friends. Go mom!

I go to bed early. Tedly stays up late, enjoying his beer. It may taste better than ever to him: there was no beer delivery this week so he skipped beer one day. Imagine: one day with no beer!

Our temperature checks were normal. We all feel good – and we are ready to go for walks and swims when we are able to leave the grounds of the Hangout.

Only four more days to go! We’re upbeat – how can we not be? We saw a rainbow at sunset over coconut trees.

Rainbow over coconut trees on Philippine Quarantine Day 10.
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