Philippine Quarantine Day 11: Nesting

philippine quarantine day 11

Last Updated on May 28, 2023 by Ellen

We are healthy. We are safe. We are nesting.

Eleven days into our mandatory two-week Philippine quarantine and we’re feeling ever more at home. Indeed, this could be our home for quite a while. We’ve told our landlady we’re staying for two months minimum.

Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic plays out — and what international travel restrictions remain in effect — it’s conceivable we could stay here three, four, five months more? Mom, too.

Philippine Quarantine Day 11


Today, I fashioned a mop from a bamboo stick and old hand-towel and mopped the floors of the apartment – after sweeping first. A bamboo swifter!

The balcony needed extra special attention. I foolishly left an empty beer bottle tucked on the railing. A gust of wind knocked it off, shattering it under our table and chairs. Sorry, Ellen & mom. We should be OK to go barefoot again now.

tedly mops the bedroom and balcony with makeshift mop during our philippine quarantine day 11

In addition, the kitchen and bath sinks and counters were cleaned, the commode, the shower area, and our drinking water dispenser thoroughly wiped down with antiseptic wipes. Trash taken out.

I found some extra curtains in the bedroom closet and added another cloth layer to the west facing widows. The windows are huge in this unit but that allows lots of light and heat into the bedroom. On quarantine, I like to sleep-in late.

Finally, we swapped out our bed linens and bath towels for clean ones.

Bakery delivery

Mid-morning: a white van pulled up and started unloading bakery at the small convenience store across the street. We went down to the entrance area of our resort and were able to purchase about 15 rolls/buns and a loaf of bread from the driver.

Ellie was happy to get something resembling big chocolate cookies too. It’s amazing what joy can be gotten from even the smallest things in this uncertain time.

several rolls and pastries and a loaf of bread on a counter; the bread truck in the road

U.S. rental property news

Our property management company back in Cleveland, Ohio, sent an email detailing their plans and procedures for dealing with potentially delinquent rent payments. 

Basically, all tenants are being instructed to “apply” for rent deferral if needed. Accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis with property owner approval.

We are hopeful our tenant is still working – and will be paying – but we have no way of knowing, until April 1 rent is due.

Bottom line, there is nothing we can do but work through our managers and the systems they implement. This is new territory for all involved. Our tenant has paid every month on-time for more than three years. We are confident of continuing rents – even if delayed.

Ultimate quarantine / isolation / nesting

From the roof today I noticed two private yachts anchored off of Boracay — probably two to three miles away from us. THAT is real social distancing

A helicopter passed over Boracay too. Looked to be en route to our airport in Caticlan. 

yachts parked at boracay on our philippine quarantine day 11, as seen from our malay apartment

Miscellaneous household info

Body temperature readings were all normal or below again today – as always.

We made a batch of tuna salad sandwiches for supper on this Lenten Friday. Served with cut-up carrots and cucumbers and nacho chips with cheese whiz. Our grocery supplies are dwindling down.

Mom says she has been watching Catholic masses most days on YouTube.  It’s the only option while quarantined. Plus, we’ve been told churches are closed here in Caticlan, Aklan, Panay, Philippines. I’m sure mom hopes we will be able to attend upcoming Holy Week church services. We shall see.

Life is now!

Thanks for reading Philippine Quarantine Day 11: Nesting.

Ellen and Tedly take turns writing the Philippine Quarantine on alternating days.

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5 thoughts on “Philippine Quarantine Day 11: Nesting”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading of your travels! I learned the book a month discount on Airbnb trick from you. My wife’s family has a history of breast cancer, so I’ve been an interested long-time listener, first-time caller. I’m glad to be able to give back a little while you’re in quarantine, as I’ve enjoyed reading about the travels of you and Tedly (and Mom).

    I don’t know if you read them, but you may enjoy and

    Stay below 37!

    1. Love Ali & Alison. Met them through our Facebook group, which is pretty inactive at the moment, all things considered. I’ll check out Senior Nomads – but the name is familiar.

      Hoping your wife stays healthy, and you, too. Maybe we’ll meet one day out here…. we’ve actually met a few readers over the years, and some inspiring people – including the original dropout vagabonds: the Kaderlis.

  2. We face the same uncertain wait with our rental properties. In Texas, you can call 211 and get connected to charitable organizations who can help. Our property manager is going to require proof of loss of income as well as demonstrable efforts to get other work (even if it’s driving for Doordash). We hope this doesn’t affect our tenants but aren’t naïve enough to think that it won’t. I imagine there are similar charitable connections in Cleveland, and if your tenant runs into issues, they should reach out quickly, as I imagine resources will get squeezed.

    A person I know and respect wrote an excellent article about what to do if your tenants can’t pay rent due to the current pandemic:

    Stay below 37!

    1. Good idea on the charitable route. And: that was a great article you suggested. Upbeat, practical, helpful. The author has a good attitude; I see why you respect him, Jason. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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