‘Kortn’s Crib’ Istanbul edition: Is it a deal, or a dump?

Vintage? Rustic? Gritty? A dump?

What to call our current apartment in Istanbul, Türkiye?

We’re staying for a month in a very trendy, tourist-filled area of central Istanbul. And the price of $26.60 per night for our Airbnb rental is shockingly low for the neighborhood. But there are some ‘shortcomings’ to this particular unit.

Without further adieu, here is the Istanbul, Türkiye edition of “Kortn’s crib”.  Take a look and see if you could handle the place for 26 bucks and change per night.

Earth Vagabond Tedly ‘Kortn’ Kortan gives a tour of a monthly Airbnb rental in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Here are the issues, summed up briefly:

  • No Air Conditioning (there is heat)
  • No television  (but has fast fiber WiFi)
  • A junk refrigerator sits in the kitchen
  • The big bed sags in the center
  • Some mold (black?) in the shower
  • Imperfect floors, ceilings, paint
  • Neighbors/sound insulation

To us, this place feels like a ‘starter’ apartment. Remember when you got the first place on your own? Maybe in college or right after? Like that! Our friends back home in Cleveland, Ohio, USA might compare this to the apartments on Clifton Avenue in Lakewood. Actually, cities everywhere have apartments dating to the early 1900’s which are now variously worn-down with lower rental costs.

Fortunately, none of the items mentioned above are a deal-breaker for us Earth Vagabonds. At this time of year, neither AC nor heating is needed (there are big windows and a fan). We never require a television. And the other items we can easily bear for a month. In fact, my cute little wife has even said “this place is great.” Considering the price, location, and other positive attributes (clean, secure, spacious, balcony, endless hot water, clothes washer) — I certainly agree.

As you see on the above map, we are in the very heart of the Istanbul tourist district. It’s just a few minutes uphill walk to the world-famous Istikal pedestrian walkway, Taksim Square, and Galata Tower. Downhill a few minutes in the other direction is the Tram and Metro and seafront of the Bosphorus Strait.

Everywhere in this hilly area are narrow cobblestone streets, stairs, and alleyways; cute shops, cafés, bars, hotels, galleries, street vendors, cats, etc. Amongst it all are countless residential structures, ancient bathhouses (hammams), and mosques which blare their haunting prayer calls five times each day.

It is a really unique, charming, vibrant, eclectic place to live — and has quickly become one of our favorite locations on planet earth. Everywhere you turn is Instagramable. Think Chelsea in NYC, East Austin, Tx, River North in Denver, or Ohio City/Detroit Shoreway/Tremont in my beloved Cleveland…. but way better. LOL

And check out the pics below. Those are other Airbnb listings in our VERY SAME BUILDING! Obviously, those units have been renovated and rehabbed — and the prices jacked to well over double what we are paying.

ads for other istanbul airbnb units

Not sure about anyone else, but in OUR end analysis, we are thrilled to be saving $1,000 to $1,200. That’s half of our total budget for the month! And as usual, after 30 days we’re off to our next destination (Cappadocia). We’ll enjoy our ‘starter style’ abode – with its issues – just fine until then.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “‘Kortn’s Crib’ Istanbul edition: Is it a deal, or a dump?”

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