Kortn’s Crib: Chennai 2024 edition

Happy Easter weekend. Springtime salutations, too. Winter should soon be wrapping up in the global north.

For us here in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India: more blazing heat! Mid-90s and sunny and humid every day. And we’ve not seen a drop of rain since January 7. That can’t be good for the tens of millions of people living along the ‘Coromandel’ coast in southeast India. (A water crisis has already been declared in Bangalore – about 200 miles inland from us.)

In fact, yesterday evening was ‘the hottest’ it’s ever felt in the kitchen of our current AirBnb rental in Chennai. 

The kitchen is the only room in the place without air conditioning. (It does have a nice ceiling fan and plenty of windows.)

And since we are on the top floor of a two-story, concrete structure, soaking up direct sunshine all day long – some heat naturally gets transferred inside.

Thankfully, everything cools overnight, and first thing in the morning – after pleasant nightly sleep in AC bedrooms – we open up all the windows and doors of our place, fill it with fresh air, crank on the ceiling fans, and enjoy early-retired life as the sun/heat process repeats.

Actually we spend most of our waking time relaxing on the large, shaded, outdoor terrace this rental property features. With a backyard full of trees, it’s a peaceful retreat from the dusty, broiling Chennai city streets.

But enough of my written descriptions and explanations– it’s easier just to show you! Check out the video above for a quick and complete tour of our temporary Airbnb home. 

It’s another installment of Kortn’s crib. See what you can rent in Chennai for $780 per month / $26 per day. Of course, electric, water/sewer, internet, & smart TV – and the Airbnb booking fee – are all included.

Be thankful & generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “Kortn’s Crib: Chennai 2024 edition.”

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