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“Life is now.”

That’s a popular saying on Mexican billboards along the highway in the Riviera Maya. It advertises a theme park with happy tourists having the times of their lives.

Tedly and I looked like those tourists for years – a week or 10 days at a time. Now we’re going to be permanent tourists of life in different lands! He gave his notice at work yesterday, and he’ll be with me in just over three weeks.

I’ve lived in Mexico four months so far.  This time has crystallized for me a decision to live as a vagabond spirit. I have no desire to go back to the career I had before this phase of my life. I’d rather do this. Living. Laughing. Loving. And I want my spouse with me.

The first time we took a vacation was to Mexico in January 2002. We stayed at an all-inclusive in Cancun. I had such an incredible time with Tedly, I cried on the plane ride home. Bawled. Snot-running-down-my-face, not-so-classy kind of crying. I asked him to make a promise – that we would come back to Mexico for more vacations.

He kept that promise, and did so much more. We have been on dozens of trips in several countries.

We always took vacations from our stressful jobs when we worked at the same TV station for more than a decade. We tried to hide it from most people at work. We didn’t want any special treatment from colleagues due to our unique relationship. Regardless, some people knew. After all, we always had time off together and we always returned with the same sun-kissed look.

ometepe island, nicaragua, 2013

Over the years, our desire to live abroad as perpetual vagabonds deepened. Why not live on a permanent vacation on a strict budget? We kept taking vacations, and kept dreaming. Some colleagues knew my true desire. My family certainly did. Almost everyone thought it was one of those ‘life dreams’ that people have, but they never actually do it.

Then the time came when the universe gave me the chance. You know part of that story. I took that chance. And now Tedly is ready. I love him so much – I can’t wait until he’s here!

We’ll have fun, spiritually grow, and work as needed — if needed. I don’t need fancy clothes and cosmetics, and I don’t need a big home and a rad car. A bathing suit and a bicycle suit me just fine. I’m not worried about material stuff. Life only gets shorter.

Tedly has never lived anywhere besides Cleveland. He has worked in the same place for just under 30 years. For him to leave a successful career, his family and his home, and take a leap of faith and roam the earth with me, is so admirably brave. I’m so proud. I’m so happy!

He has taught me so much in this life so far, and I can’t wait to grow with him in all of the new adventures that we’ll have.

He doesn’t just make me want to be a better person – he helps my soul grow. I am constantly learning something from this incredible creature God put into my life. I am in awe at this magnificent human being.

He is mostly a vivacious extrovert who needs constant mental stimulation. Tedly likes to talk! Yet, I see his more personal and quiet moments, and I know the real him.

I am mostly a reflective introvert who needs frequent time alone to recharge. I need solitude to contemplate and meditate as much as I need God. Yet, he sees my more open and outgoing moments, and he knows the real me.

I am blessed to have formed a true partnership with an amazing human being. It’s the first real partnership I’ve ever had with anyone. I’m indescribably grateful for the ability to nurture this special relationship, which makes me indescribably joyful. I am deeply loyal to what we have. I will never give this up, no matter what happens on our travels.

Tedly has taught this woman so much about life and laughter, and love. Now we get to share our love around the world, as vagabond spirits, one stop at a time.

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