Another Gaudi church – built before La Sagrada Familia

the soaring ceilings in the crypt of another church built by gaudi - today used as a main church

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There’s another Gaudi church that was built before the famous La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi designed the church near the city in a place called Colonia Guell. We took a side trip to see this fun place, and we encountered few tourists.

Colonia Guell is about a 25-minute train ride from the center of the city, named after industrialist Eusebi Guell. In the late 19th century, he moved his business out of Barcelona because of civil unrest. He built his textile complex at Colonia Guell. And he commissioned Antoni Gaudi to build a church.

The building is a much smaller scale of the massive La Sagrada Familia. Still, it is clear Gaudi tested some of his ideas that would later be used in Barcelona.

Gaudi never finished the church outside Barcelona.

There was conflicting reason as to why Guell cut off the funding. Nonetheless, this is another Gaudi church unfinished – just liek La Sagrada Familia.

Only the crypt is completed. The modern community uses this area as its church. The unfinished terrace was actually supposed to be the church floor.

Here are photos we took from our little trip. See if you can spot the classic Gaudi features.

This was a good way to spend a a couple of hours outside Barcelona, away from throngs of tourists. The day we went to see the first church Gaudi built, there were hardly any other tourists, perhaps because it was lightly raining.

There is an audio guide that explains the history of this other Gaudi church.

Aside from another Gaudi church…

Tourists can also walk around the village with the audio guide to view other buildings of note by other architects.

Don’t miss the videos inside the exhibition at the information center where you get the audio equipment. Former workers describe their lives inside the factories. The videos are well done.

Round-trip train tickets and the audio tour cost just under $19 for two people. We bought our tickets at the kiosk in the Renfe station at Placa de Espanya. There are attendants around the machines if you have questions or need help.


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