Health care workers ready near Boracay for any COVID-19 patients

Hangout Beach Resort entrance in Motag, Malay, Philippines.

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We are healthy, and safe, and we have new company.

Health care workers ready near Boracay

Health care workers now live on the grounds where our rental apartment is located at the Hangout Beach Resort (pictured above).

We are across a channel from Boracay – we can see the famous island from our balcony. We are on the ‘mainland’, in Malay Municipality of Aklan Province. Boracay Island is part of Malay.

From our rooftop area, we can see Malay’s hospital in the distance when looking at the mountains. That hospital is where workers are ready for any possible increase in COVID-19 patients.

So far, there are three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Malay. All three went to Manila in early to mid-March, and all three are recovering. No one knows how many more cases there may be. But these health care workers are ready near Boracay, where a doctor tested positive.

The nurses will “live” here when they’re not working at the Malay hospital. As a neighbor and visitor to their country, I introduced myself to a group of about six people. They all have bright smiles. I also saw hospital security guards on the grounds, who will also stay at the Hangout.

Why the Hangout?

Why here? With the ‘enhanced community quarantine’ in effect in Aklan Province, these front line health care workers are not permitted to commute to their homes in other municipalities. So they need someplace close to the hospital.

And local government leaders liked the layout of the Hangout, because rooms are spread out. There are individual units in free-standing bungalow on the grounds spaced out from each other, so social distancing is naturally easy here.

Front liners are compassionate people. I have respect for them everywhere – whether they are back home, or right here, at my new, temporary home.

Other news

When the mood strikes, I send Tedly a Philippine news ’round-up’. These are stories which may not directly affect us at the moment, but it’s always good to be aware of what’s happening.

A few interesting tidbits from this country lately:

  • Government officials insist the food supply is stable. Yet some news reports say people in shanty towns around Manila have not received government rations of rice in two weeks.
  • Here in Malay, the government is delivering rice to people. And since it’s a rural area, leaders encourage more gardens.
  • Most lock downs and enhanced community quarantines in the Philippines expire in a couple of weeks, but these could be extended.
  • People are sometimes sprayed with disinfectant before entering pubic buildings or going to public places. (One example is found in a photo compilation by Business Insider.)
  • Coronavirus testing is about to ramp up nationwide.

Prayers for the world

I’m not Catholic, but there is a lot I respect about Pope Francis, including his rare prayer last week. Tedly’s mom Diane sent me the text of what he said, and I’ve shared it with a few people because I love it.

And I’d like to end this post by sharing it with you.

Ellen, Tedly, Mom, at the hangout resort, where health care workers are ready near boracay for any patients
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