What we spent in July 2020 in Malay, Philippines

What we spent in July 2020 in Malay, Philippines

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Ellen

The month of July is gone. Wow!

In some ways, ‘pandemic time’ seems to drag forever. But as we’ve been keeping busy with charitable projects here on Panay Island in the Philippines – the time goes fast.

Either way, below is the breakdown of our total expenses for the month of July 2020.

As you will see, we’ve again exceeded our monthly travel budget goal of $2,000. But we’ve always kept a cushion of ‘just in case’ funds for emergencies and such. A global pandemic seems to qualify, so we’re using the emergency monies to help people in need during the crisis.

What we spent in July 2020

$1,446 – Donation matches
$1,220 – Other Gifts / Tips
$341 – Housing/rent
$218 – Groceries
$151 – Restaurant food/beer
$87  – Local travel
$66  – Supplies
$32  – Health
$3,561 – total for 2 people

Donation matches

You may be aware, we have received quite a few overseas donations from friends, family, and readers of this blog to be used in our ongoing local projects. We are matching those donations (as is my mom) – so the amount reflected above is our portion of the match.

A huge thank you to our co-sponsors!

Gifts & tips, reasonable living costs

Monies in the ‘other gifts & tips’ category are separate and unrelated to the Ati projects and our donation match.

Of note: our total spending for the month – aside from all the charitable contributions – is only $895!

Costs are very reasonable here by western standards.

Mom Diane says hello!

Finally, it should also be noted that my mom remains here with us in our spacious, two-bedroom apartment in this COVID-free part of the Philippines.

Tedly, Ellen, Tedly's mom Diane on White Beach in Boracay, in the blog entry for 'What we spend in July 2020.'

And she does pay her share of things like rent and food, which also helps keep our overall expenditures low.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails, & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “What we spent in July 2020 in Malay, Philippines.”

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