Sincere Thank You for the Ati donations!

Ati people at hen house site work at rebuilding, thanks to Ati donations.

Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Ellen

Thank you. And, WOW! I’m stunned.

My last blog post listed a few online payment options in case anybody wanted to donate to our ongoing work with the indigenous Ati people of Panay Island, Philippines.

Honestly, I only posted that info because a few of our regular blog commenters asked directly how they could contribute. I figured we might get a hundred bucks or something.

Instead, thousands of dollars has been pledged and poured in. I can hardly believe it! And again; thanks to each and every one of you for your generosity and care.

Dear readers: Thank you for the Ati donations!

The amounts range from $5.00 to $500. 

A former coworker wrote that her teenage son wanted to give the $5 that he earned yesterday to someone who ‘needed it more’. 

One of the most ornery and low-income travelers we’ve ever met offered $50.

And complete strangers gave $500!

Thank you for the Ati donations! They will be used on a few projects - like this one - rebuilding a hen house.

I really had no idea that so many people were even reading our blog, let alone interested in helping with our pandemic projects. Ellen does know the daily blog ‘stats’ – but we rarely discuss them. 

In fact, the whole Earth Vagabonds blog was envisioned as an easy way for close family and friends to keep tabs on us on our worldwide travel. Nothing more.

Over time, the blog became more important — as a kind of diary that we will be able to look back on as the years and decades go by and our memories likely fade (or better, become overwhelmed with more and more travel adventures).
And I guess, as former journalists, we also liked to pretend that we were still doing something ‘useful’ in our early retirement. 

My God! If this doesn’t prove that, nothing will. We are so amazed and thrilled at the response we may have to think of more projects with the Ati! 

Where the the money goes

Seriously, the donations and matching funds will certainly get the hen house project done and address the drinking water situation and the electric (provided the electric company follows through). Food and medical needs can be alleviated too. And the Ati workers and families will at least have some income during this ‘coronavirus pause’.

In fact, I was on the mountain again this afternoon as nearly three dozen people worked on roofing, cinder-block walls, and the ‘septic tank’.

Tedly and Ati chief inspect work site on the mountain.

Further, if you are a donor, and would like to be added to our weekly ‘Ati project update’ email, please forward your email address. We can then share with you even more inside info, photos and stories about our work and progress in the coming months. We promise no spam or solicitations.

Finally, a confession. Over our last four years of global wandering I have not held a very positive view of the United States of America. But be assured, this singular event is causing me to reexamine my thinking and realize I have been perhaps too hasty and unfair in my conclusions.

I’m humbled to be reminded that, despite everything that has gone on, the people of America and other Western powers are still the finest, most generous, and caring on this Earth. Thank you for that, too.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails, & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “Sincere ‘Thank You’ for the Ati donations!”

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