Milo the lucky dog has new look, attitude

Milo the lucky dog looks much better these days, thanks to food, vet care, and love.

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It was about ten days ago that I first met Milo the mangy mutt near our temporary travel home in Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines.

As I reported at that time, Milo was one of the worst looking dogs I’d ever seen. Her shoulders and snout ravaged raw and red by mange, her overall condition, heart-wrenching.

What’s more, when I first laid eyes on Milo, she looked directly at me and whimpered aloud — a sigh for ‘HELP’. How could I not?

At that moment, myself and a new acquaintance, Jerry, from Cardiff, Wales, U.K., decided to do something about Milo’s situation.

Jerry had noticed the weak and decrepit Milo sheepishly slinking around the waterfront near his home for a few days. Together, we pledged to take action.

Left, mangy Milo when Tedly and Jerry first saw her; right, Milo's healing skin after 10 days of love and treatment.

Milo the lucky dog

As you can see in the before and after photos above, Milo now has a much better look – and attitude.

She has been visited twice by a veterinarian. She takes antibiotic pills daily with her food. She has regular, scheduled, nutritious feedings. And her demeanor and activity levels are greatly improved.

In fact, the other day, Milo was feeling so spunky and spry that she was playfully racing up and down the beachfront with two other unknown canines about her same size.

I couldn’t help but be warmed by her exuberance and energy. In fact, it seemed Milo was the ‘instigator’ of the hound dog horseplay – chasing and nipping and wrestling with the other animals, nearly to the point of exhaustion.

I got the feeling she had never in her life felt so comfortable and care-free — like a dog. Jerry and I both watched in proud amazement. Great feeling!

Jerry leans down to pet Milo the lucky dog, left; Milo runs around the beach with other dogs, right.

Jerry the kind man

And thank god for Jerry. He has been treating Milo the lucky dog like a lifelong friend.

Every day, he attends to her food and water and medicinal needs . Further, he spends countless hours in her company, physically and verbally soothing, reassuring, and training her.

We live a 5-minute bicycle ride away. For all intents and purposes, she is now his dog.

Sadly, this weekend we have noticed Milo’s skin looks a bit irritated again. It seemed to me that her beach roughhousing might be the cause.

According to the vet, mange is caused by parasitic mites and is easily and often transmitted between proximate animals. There can be a hereditary component too. Regardless, there is no sure cure.

So it seems Milo may be battling this scourge for the long term. Still, we are encouraged and relieved to see the positive progress and Milo’s playfulness.

No matter how spotty her fur or pink her skin, she is obviously happier and healthier — exactly as we had hoped.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “Milo the lucky dog has new look, attitude.”

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