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It’s a pretty slow pace around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and there isn’t an abundance of celebrities or pop idols. But we had some excitement – lunch with Akaisha and Billy Kaderli!

The Kaderlis and are well-known in financial independence circles. They retired early to travel the world before it was common and popular. They’ve written books, and guides. Everything from finances, to health care abroad; from housing, to chicken bus travel; and everything in between. For decades, they have marketed the early retirement lifestyle as an achievable goal for the frugal-minded saver – because it is.

The result: the Kaderlis are often cited as experts in national and international media on world travel in early retirement.

lunch with the kaderlis on lake atitlan, guatemala

We met up with them in Panajachel. We had a delightful lunch at Tuscani, and we had a great time swapping travel stories and getting their advice on a few matters.

We first discovered the Kaderlis a few years ago when researching how to quit the rat race. While our approaches to this lifestyle differ, they always have solid, practical, and inspiring information to share.

They were gracious, funny, and engaging — and we knew they would be. Shortly after we started our own travel adventure, I emailed them a question about virtual private networks and quickly got a detailed response.

If you’re considering the early retirement travel lifestyle, they’re another great resource you can research.

Thank you, Billy and Akaisha. While you may not be exactly pop idols, you are certainly early retired world travel rock stars to us!


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