Increased activity, chores, waiting out a pandemic

Increased activity, chores, waiting out a pandemic

Last Updated on June 3, 2023 by Ellen

Things have been active here the last couple days. The Philippines, like many nations, is awaiting word from their President (Rodrigo Duterte) about a restart of the economy.

Thankfully, the worst of the coronavirus in this country has been confined to the Manila area – and no doubt folks in less affected areas are anxious to resume life.

Amped up activity outside

Perhaps as a result, there’s a feeling of restlessness – and visible signs.

One of our neighbors brought out some huge PA type speakers and was blasting loud (Filipine language) music. Oddly, they were also bathing an infant in a washtub set in front of the speaker stack. I captured the funny photo.

speakers that played loud music behind a baby being washed in a tub outside

And although the current community quarantine continues in effect until the end of the month, we’ve noticed more locals out and about. More shops were open when I again went into town for food and supplies. The take-out chicken place was cooking 15 to 20 birds – where last week there were only four when I stopped in. And there seem to be more people on our beach too.

In fact, yesterday morning there was a big ‘water sports barge” being moved around in the water just off our shore with a power boat escort (photo at top). Obviously, it’s used for tourist activities in ‘normal’ times. Maybe the operators were checking things over in preparation for redeployment?

The action inside

Increased activity, chores, waiting out a pandemic

Meanwhile, I have been quite busy as well. Cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, sweating, sweeping, sanitizing, everything! And I’ve been doing it all as my wife and mom concentrate on their relaxation and beauty.

I swept and mopped the whole apartment and balconies. I scrubbed down the bathroom – sink, shower, floor, commode, counter, cabinet, mirror, etc. I’ve collected, sorted, and disposed of all garbage. Of course, that means burning the paper – including the TP! Good thing I have experience. (Read our past story on how to burn your, ahem, used toilet paper.)

And that’s just the beginning. I defrosted the freezer, which was getting hard to close.

Inventoried all our foodstuffs — after the trip to the market. Straightened up all the ‘stuff’ in the kitchen and wiped down the counters. Sanitized the water dispenser. It never ends!

And of course, I’ve been preparing meals all month. Tonight, blue marlin fish steaks with rice and coleslaw and rolls. Full disclosure: the ladies do clean up after meals. But I’ve been more busy during lockdown recently than at any time during our vagabond wandering.* Thankfully, there is still beer to be had as a reward each night.

Fire update

wildfire at night in malay

Finally, the best activity outcome; the forest fire that we reported on yesterday is no more. We didn’t hear any details, but today there was no smoke or visible sign of any problem on the hill a couple miles behind our temporary residence where last night the sky was glowing orange and shooting flames could be seen.

Apparently, the overnight rain showers were enough to extinguish it. In addition, there were firefighting efforts of some kind. We could see vehicle emergency lights and powerful flashlight beams too. However it got put out, we are very, very glad.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails, & more beer.

Life is NOW!

(*Editor’s note: Tedly plays “maid” because he likes things very, very clean, and he refuses all help in the kitchen because he doesn’t want anyone ‘in his way.’ Also, Ellen washes his underwear and other items.)

Thanks for reading, “Increased activity, chores, waiting out a pandemic.”

Tedly and Ellen alternate days to post. Come back everyday as Earth Vagabonds chronicle their days during the cornoavirus pandemic while hunkered down at the Hangout Beach Resort in the Philippines.

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