Early retirement budget travel update for 2018 and year-end video

me and tedly, new year's eve 2017 in san francisco

Last Updated on June 3, 2023 by Ellen

Hello dear readers and happy New Year!

I have been visiting family and friends in the United States for the holidays, so I’ve been lax on travel updates. I’ll get back to business soon enough – we head for London, England, next week, and we’re off to some cities in Morocco later this month.

Meanwhile, I created a video with 2017 highlights of our adventures.

I currently only have the free app iMovie for video editing. I’m thinking of upgrading to a paid app this year. I made that 2017 movie on my iPhone 6, which was kind of a pain in the ass on such a small screen. But since I like the convenience of the phone, I’ll likely just get an editing app made for Apple. (My iPad is ancient – no more software updates – and I use a Windows laptop.) Anyone have any suggestions on great video editing apps? Maybe even one that works on both Windows and Apple? I’d love to hear about what other people use so I can make better movies this year. I miss Final Cut Pro from my old working life (but I do NOT miss the working life!).

As we get ready for more travel in 2018, I’m incredibly grateful for this life of early retirement budget travel. It was a long road to get here, but the journey was worth it. We lived how we wanted to live in 2017. Maybe we’ll see you out here, somewhere in the world, in the New Year!

me and tedly, new year's eve 2017 in san francisco

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5 thoughts on “Early retirement budget travel update for 2018 and year-end video”

  1. I love how you two are rollin’. Just starting my own Odyssey. My trips may not be as exotic but hopefully, domestically fantastic just the same. Love the video and constantly wish you the best and a continued safe journey. I love this planet too. Be safe. Brian

    1. Love your comments, Brian, thank you!

      Tedly and I just camped out in the Sahara desert. It was amazing. I’ll write about it when we finally get to a place where I have wifi and power for a little longer than a few minutes. I am writing this from a cafe in a small village just before the desert starts – Mhamid, Morocco.

      We will be watching for your adventures as well– I am sure they will be fabulous ? and we wish you safe travels!

  2. I enjoyed using Adobe Premiere this year – before that, I had zero video editing experience and felt it was pretty intuitive to pick up Premiere. I’ve used it on both Apple and Windows too. Hope that helps. Looking forward to following along with your 2018 adventures!

  3. Robert Nordberg

    I have enjoyed finding and watching your progress this past year. I do not blog but do appreciate reading yours as I am like you– quit my job and travel over 2 years ago. In fact, I too am going to Morocco in March! I look forward to reading your information on Morocco before I go as I am sure it will be valuable to me! If you ever are planning to make it to Russia let me know – We may be able to meet up as that is where I spend over 1/2 of each year. – kinda like you guys – it is about the people and the places – not the fancy hotels… only, I figured it out by going to Russia while you did it in Mexico and Central America. Take care!!! Robert

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