Donald Trump’s resentful mob is seething

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Donald Trump’s followers scare me. On their own, they’re bad enough. Amplified by worst case scenarios, things could be worse. There’s always the possibility Trump could drop bombs in an effort to shift the current news cycle to boost the morale of his ‘Make America Great Again’ mob. Or how about a terrorist attack used by Trump’s mob to further self-justify their seething hate.

It’s that mob that has done the real damage to the country. It’s that mob’s belief that a lying former reality TV star and failed businessman could give more than fake hope in lying lip-service to democracy. The whole show was a sham from the get-go. Trump played on the fear of Americans at every level, and that fear is now intensified with the corruption and lies uncovered by journalists at an increasing rate. It’s not because the journalists got any better at their jobs. I think the rate of revelations has increased because people on the inside with knowledge on this shit show are scared of Trump’s incompetence. Thus, more leaks. Someone, thank god, is putting country over party.

But average Americans don’t see Trump’s deficiencies. They see him standing at a graduation ceremony telling the crowd to ‘fight fight fight’ and ‘never give up’. They see his tweets claiming he’s the victim – that the special investigation is a ‘witch hunt’. ‘Believe me,’ Trump has said over and over – and his mob does. Without question.

Now, with his days in office seemingly numbered, after his own admissions in a television interview of obstruction of justice, and in addition to whatever other juice investigators have, Trump’s mob may morph into something even worse. All that hate, denial, and rage the mob has for anyone not ‘on their side’ has already turned into resentment – including ‘the establishment’. Yes, the establishment sucks and that’s how we got here – from corporate media to career politicians, there a lot of blame to go around. But I’m not talking about who or what to blame here. I’m taking about the terrifying reality that Trump’s mob of Americans numbering in the millions has nothing but resentment in their hearts.

Resentment is anger and fear directed outward, whereas remorse is disappointment and regret directed at oneself. There is no remorse in a man like Donald Trump, an egomaniac whose biggest concern is personal ‘winning’- he lies for ratings and his staff knows it. A reporter asked Sean Spicer this week at a briefing if it was okay for public officials to lie to the American people. Spicey hemmed and hawed. The reporter interrupted to emphasize – a public official? No, Spicey said finally. No.

There is only resentment in Trump, and in his mob of followers. Anger and fear directed outward from themselves. Anger and fear in the mob got Trump elected in the first place. Plus, toss in good dose of greed. Lower and middle classes thought Trump would bring them job security and national security – things they felt they didn’t have. The upper class wanted massive tax cuts – something they believed they should have. Greed.

Now that anger and fear and greed all festers as events unfold and information – true facts – come out that will undoubtedly lead to Trump’s political demise.

Now Trump’s camp will feel they’ve been cheated at the chance to ‘Make America Great Again.’ They will feel like they still don’t matter, despite their victory in electing a rogue candidate into the Oval Office. They will seethe. Full of resentment and hate and denial at losing what they thought they had so valiantly gained.

That denial is incredible to me. The mob sees the Russian issue as “no big deal.” People like my family. Yes – my family is full of Trump supporters. Traditionally right-leaning, I don’t believe my family understands the intricacies of the facts. Yes – the facts. Yet they tell me I’m the one living in an alternative universe. They tell me to ‘wake up to what’s happening in this country’ and they shake their heads at my resistance to their beliefs. Yes – resist. With love. I love my family, but they don’t make it easy when their hearts are resentful.

I wrote about Americans’ hate on this blog way back in the fall 2015, when I saw an increasing number of stupid, hateful memes on my Facebook feed. I felt that hate, fear, greed, resentment on the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. All of those poisonous, negative emotions in Americans have only increased since then.

There are recent racist posts, hateful memes, and declarations of blind support to Trump on my Facebook feed. It’s disgusting. Unfortunately, much of it is from my family.

Yet, I chose not to block any hateful family and friends, because I don’t want to live in an echo chamber. I want to see their viewpoints. I want to understand why they have those viewpoints. Their beliefs make me somewhat sick, but knowledge is answer, right? Truth is the single most important element in all of this. And what, exactly, is the truth?

Journalists who’ve been working on Trump’s awful abuse of power are the most important way to find the truth. I hope they watch their backs because a resentful president and his resentful mob are seething.

For anyone wondering, I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. I do not stand for hate, I don’t think corporations are people, I believe there should be term-limits, I’m fiscally conservative, yet socially I am extremely liberal. I cannot be stuffed into one of the current two major political parties in the United States of America.

tedly holds sign at republican national convention that reads, 'the end is near, thanks gop.'

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s resentful mob is seething”

  1. Thank you for your bravery. My husband served this country for 22 years most of those in combat. He retired from Active duty in 2014. Trump’s America is not our America and we are not proud of how the United States is being represented and we are disgusted by Trump’s hapless followers. No bad deeds can sway them from their course it seems. This has sped up our want for early retirement and we can’t wait until our last child has graduated so we can move away, spending as little time as possible in the USA. All the US will get from us anymore is our taxes. My husband feels horrible that this is what it is coming to in this country due to his long service and both of us love our country dearly.
    Thank you for sharing your views and sharing your life.

    1. Thanks for reading, Julie. And thanks to your husband for his service.

      I don’t often write here about the political disappointment that I believe has become a nightmare for democracy. One year ago today, my husband and I protested at the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I have not returned to the U.S. since that trip last year, and I’m not really excited about going back anytime soon.

      Sometimes I contribute to the Huffington Post when I have to really get something heavy off my chest. Like yesterday:
      (Warning, it’s long, some say paranoid, and a bit rambling.)

      When you guys retire, and if we cross paths, I’d be honored to buy you guys a drink to celebrate your husband’s service, and your early retirement.

  2. Lori M Wegener

    why would you all of a sudden throw political BS in your blog. The reason I read your blog is to go on a mini-vacation through your blogs. I have enough of the BS since I do still live in the USA.

    1. Well, for one, I’m still an American entitled to my opinion. Two, I get frustrated explaining to people in every single place I visit outside the U.S. that not all Americans are racist and greedy. Three, loved ones goad me. That totals up to a rare opinion post. (There have been about six or seven in two years, off the top of my head.)

  3. And my husband and I thought we were the only ones that could see through the BS. Kudos to you for being brave enough to speak about the hate this group brings with them. Unfortunately, they are blind to it.

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