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From ‘slow travel to standstill’, your favorite travel experts Earth Vagabonds made another media interview.

This time, we answered questions about what it was like to be quarantined in another country during a pandemic, our style of slow travel, traveling with Tedly’s mom, Diane, and advice we offer for people who are too wary to travel yet.

The article starts with a summary of our Philippine Quarantine situation earlier this year, followed by questions and answers in an interview via email with the website Travel Awaits.

Travel experts Earth Vagabonds interviewed

Sample courtesy Travel Awaits

The Kortans arrived in the Philippines back in November of 2019, with Ted’s mother, Diane, joining them soon thereafter for what was supposed to be a couple of months abroad with her son and daughter-in-law. They had enjoyed several stays on various islands in the Philippines, with no immediate plans to cut their time short even after the virus began to spread…

Travel Awaits: As full-time travelers, how far in advance do you generally plan out your next stays?

The Kortans: Usually, we plan around three to six months in advance. We tend to rent monthly through Airbnb because we can get big discounts for the longer stays. Booking well in advance ensures we are able to secure the 30 consecutive nights we desire. As luck would have it, we only had a few months into 2020 booked.

TA: Advice for people not ready to travel yet?

The Kortans: Wait it out more. Eventually, this virus will fade … no doubt there will be some really good deals to entice people to travel, too. It may take a long time — a year or two perhaps? But keep planning for the future. Now’s the perfect time to daydream and research…


What’s it like living with mom Diane?

What plans have we canceled since all this started?

What was the hardest and easiest aspects of the former quarantine period?

Answers from your favorite travel experts Earth Vagabonds are in the full Q+A interview by Travel Awaits.

At the time of the interview, we had just been released from home confinement, and had no friends in the area. Since the springtime, our summer blossomed with many friendships, from the Ati tribe, to local neighbors.

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