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Business Insider featured Earth Vagabonds in an article on the top things Americans should do to get ready to retire abroad. We talked about personal financial planning, and also about our extensive experience with health care abroad. (Ellen had a double mastectomy in Europe while traveling, for example.)

The Business Insider article is here.

Another question and answer session was for an article on the Cancer Commons website. Cancer Commons identified Ellen as a “Super Patient” and shared her story in the hopes it will help other women take the reins on their own cancer care.

The Cancer Commons interview is here.

(The other website Ellen runs compiles resources for triple positive breast cancer patients with tumors that are the T1-size classification, like hers. That site is here.)

A fun question and answer session was for the website Travel Awaits. Earth Vagabonds got to answer questions like what inspired them to travel the world, and the best piece of advice they have for aspiring world travelers in retirement.

The Travel Awaits interview is here.

Earth Vagabonds has also been featured on podcasts, and has been invited to speak to a large financial independence group.

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