Spending lazy days in Corozal, Belize

We are blessed to have relaxing, lazy days at the Happy House in Corozal, Belize.

I like to pray at the lagoon after a morning jog.

It’s peaceful to read out there in the afternoons.

The clouds and water are always the same, yet always different. The only distraction is the occasional jumping fish, or flapping bird.

The sun rises over the lagoon. We enjoy morning coffee out there.

The author with morning coffee at the lagoon in Corozal, Belize
the author's husband smiling in the sun

We like to go kayaking on the lagoon. Sometimes together, sometimes apart.

the author's husband in a kayak at the lagoon in corozal, belize

Tedly has taken to photographing various birds around the property. We have enough for a separate blog post on the birds, but herons and parrots are my favorites.

morning sunshine hits the lagoon on corozal, belize
a bird at the lagoon house in corozal belize

There’s also pool time every day at the Happy House.

a woman in a bikini poolside in corozal, belize
a man naps poolside in corozal, belize

Every once in awhile, we have to go to town for supplies, to meet friends and stroll around and see the sights.

a shared taxi or collectivo in Corozal, Belize

And that’s what life is like at the Happy House.

The "Happy House" in Corozal, Belize, is on stilts. As of early 2020, it was for sale.

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2 thoughts on “Spending lazy days in Corozal, Belize”

  1. Yes, we certainly are fortunate. It seemed like a dream to me, until I just did it! You can always visit us – whenever it’s convenient for you, wherever we are.

  2. You are very fortunate to not have responsibilities to tend to back in the states so you are able to enjoy life. It all sounds like a dream to me. Good for you guys! Xo

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