Natural hot springs near Dumaguete, Philippines

natural hot springs near dumaguete with sulfur

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This was a treat during our stay at Negros Island: natural hot springs near Dumaguete in the Philippines. It was totally relaxing, and it was so cheap – anyone budget traveler can afford this.

There are two hot springs around Mount Talinas – a complex, inactive volcano. This post is about the Red Rock Hot Spring Resort near Valencia. The other hot springs are the Baslay Hot Springs near Dauin.

When to go

The best advice I have: go on a weekday when it’s likely to be a bit less crowded than on the weekend. Also, we went in the early afternoon, and had the resort almost to ourselves. As the day cools off, more people tend to seek the warm, therapeutic pools. But if you want space to float, the earlier time with higher temps will be a trade off.

Admission, facilities

Admission is just 70 pesos – about $1.40. The shower facilities are basic. There are plenty of places to sit around the pools when it’s not crowded.

There are two pools at these natural hot springs near Dumaguete. The larger pool has one spot that is about six feet deep, and another area that’s about five feet deep. Most of the larger pool is shallow. There are two streams of water feeding into the larger pool. Guests are asked to take turns with others.

The smaller pool is extremely shallow. There is one stream of fresh, warm water pouring into the pool. Along the edge of the smaller pool, the rock itself is hot. A few tables on the outer edge also feel hot to the touch.

A stone table and bench at the natural hot springs near Dumaguete called "Red Rock Hot Springs Resort.

The water is between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius, or 98 to 102 Fahrenheit. We felt like it was 100 during our first visit. After about an hour, the air felt chilly.

The resort says the water is drained every night to make sure the pools stay clean.

The mineral water might stain white or light-colored clothing, so dress accordingly.

Health benefits of hot springs

In some parts of the world, hot mineral water is used in the treatment of some health conditions.

The Red Rock Hot Spring makes a few claims on signs around the two pools.

The resort claims thermal bathing with trace amounts of minerals in its water provides real health benefits that include:

  • relief for tired muscles and sore joints
  • increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation
  • elimination of toxins from the body
  • stimulation of the immune system and enhanced immunity
  • increased endorphin production
  • normalized gland functions
  • combats fatigue, insomnia, arthritis

The resort also claims sulfur in the water has a therapeutic effect on some skin conditions, including psoriasis and dermatitis.

There are no conclusive medical studies that prove any of these claims.

All I can tell you is that I felt relaxed and refreshed and… “better” after a good soaking that lasted nearly an hour.

The sulfur

Sulfur stinks, but the pools do not smell bad. However, down the road from the resort, there is a large steam vent that comes from the rocks. That area will choke you with the smell of rotten eggs if you get a face full of sulfur steam.

The turn off to the resort is just behind that steaming cliff.

I realized the sulfur smell was actually trapped in my skin and hair later that night when I washed – despite a thorough rinsing with fresh water at the site. I didn’t notice the smell until I was again wet.

By the way, bathing with mineral water is known as balneotherapy, which I did not know until I wrote this blog post.

Final points on the natural hot springs near Dumaguete

There is a restaurant at the resort, with basic snack foods and simple meals. We didn’t eat there.

There is no WiFi. Guests are encouraged to “live like it’s 1996.”

If you enjoy a clean pool of warm mineral water that is easy to access from the road, without a jungle walk, with basic shower and toilet facilities, you will love it here.

It’s easiest to get there with a scooter rental, because public transportation in the area is limited, and you can see on this map.

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