Great food on Caye Caulker for budget travelers

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Caye Caulker’s main drag is just several blocks along the coast, and that is where most of the restaurants are located. There also are several eateries on side streets. If you look a little closer at some signs on these side streets, and start talking to locals, you will get amazing plates of food for less than what you’ll spend in most restaurants.

When a fisherman cooks you dinner…

My spouse and I took a leisurely walk around the island. We ran into a man named William as we came close to full circle. He was on the backside of the island, unloading lobster crates from his boat. He sells the lobster he catches, but he offered to grill us up some grub if we came back to his home after sunset. So we did, along with two other smart tourists from Canada.

For about $17, we got one whole lobster, two lobster tails, a crab, two baked potatoes, giant pieces of toast, butter, and William’s special sauce, which was a spicy tomato salsa. Score!

It started raining as the food was ready, and William didn’t have a covered place to sit, so our new friend gave us a ‘to go’ container, and we took it back to our hotel for a cozy, delicious meal at ‘home.’

Lobster season is wrapping up, so that’s why William was pulling his crates out of the sea. A deal like this may not be had beyond another week or two as of this writing – but I bet if you walk around the island and talk to local fisherman, they will be happy to grill you up something else – whatever they have – and it will be fresh.

Anne’s Kitchen

Just around the corner from William’s dock and home is a small restaurant called Anne’s Kitchen. We originally saw this on one of our walks around the island, but later we noticed Anne has a sign out on the main road, pointing potential customers down her street to her home.

Anne is originally from France, and she is a talented cook! I had the *best* big leafy green salad at her place since I left the U.S. in August. (Big salad’s are hard to come by in the tropics.)

The picture does not do that salad justice. Dark green lettuce, cucumbers, a generous portion of grated carrots, delicious tofu, olives, celery, tomatoes and vinegar and oil and basil, oh my! It was $15 BZD, or about $7.50 USD.

We shared an order of homemade fries for $5 BZD, or $2.50 USD, and my husband had one of the big juicy burgers.

He was delighted to chomp into some substantial meat. At another place along our travels back in Guatemala, he ordered a burger and it was a mere two and a half inches in diameter. Anne’s burger was gigantic compared to that – with two big patties! It was $9 BZD, only about $4.50 USD.

For dessert – we shared homemade chocolate cake. Heaven. Moist. Chocolately. With a sprinkle of cinnamon. A slice of happiness for a mere $4 BZD, or about $2 USD.

We invited Anne to sit with us awhile and she’s a lovely lady, who opened her business here just last month. (Note, this was first posted in February 2016. I checked in October 2019, and Anne’s Kitchen was closed.)

After chatting a bit, other customers came on a golf cart. Tourists here rent golf carts to get around the island. She started making their meal, and offered to text them when it was ready so they could putt around more. That’s incredibly personalized service!

Anne cooks from her own kitchen. You order at a window at the top of her stairs. She has a small table by that window on her deck, and a picnic table on the front yard, or you can get your order to go. We ate on the picnic table.

Visit the Facebook page for Anne’s Kitchen in Belize here. She is at the end of Calle Aguada by the soccer field.

As always, we get nothing in return for our independent reviews.

We like to give our business to the little guy in the communities we visit as often as possible. In addition to helping contribute to the local economy, we get the added benefit of meeting some interesting people.

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