Free guide for budget slow travel in India

shepherd with goats across the river from the taj mahal in agra, india

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Many travelers feel called to visit India. They want to see Her deserts, beaches, mountains and jungles. The culture, history, food and music all beckon. Budget slow travel in India makes sense: it’s an affordable destination and it takes a lot of time to travel the subcontinent.

But deep down you admit: you are a bit intimidated. People tell you India is intense. They are right. India is sweetly intense.

We can help give you the lay of the land. Today’s India is so vast on so many levels, travelers either delight in Her variety or they feel overwhelmed.

montage of sights during budget slow travel in India

Free guide for budget slow travel in India

We spent eight months exploring many places in that chaotic, colorful country and feel we can confidently call ourselves ‘experts’ at slow travel in India.

We put together a free guide: How to Slow Travel in India. No downloads or email collection. We simply want to share what we know to help other budget slow travelers in (early) retirement.

Aside from being an amazing country with incredible culture, India is unbelievably affordable — even in this crazy post-pandemic world with prices rising every day.

how to slow travel in india

Our guide covers a lot of ground, including:

  • visas
  • currency & digital payments
  • price examples
  • trains and buses
  • rickshaws and ride shares
  • rental features you will want
  • health care for emergencies and mundane needs
  • and more

Eight months of slow travel in India commanded our admiration for one of the most interesting countries on the planet.

We went back to India in 2024 and updated the guide.

Free guide: How to Slow Travel in India — 2024 Edition

The ins and outs of traveling around the world’s most populated country.

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