Earth Vagabonds restart slow travel lifestyle

Theo and Ellen in an empty Bangkok airport terminal as they restart a slow travel lifestyle in the 'new normal' with COVID.

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Ellen

Hello and happy New Year – from Thailand! Earth Vagabonds have restarted the slow travel lifestyle.

The day I’m writing this happens to be the Thai New Year – year 2565. It also happens to be my twelfth sobriety anniversary (April 13, 2010).

Slow travel restart

We arrived in Thailand on April 11, 2022, but we had to quarantine overnight in a government-approved hotel, with government-approved transportation, until our PCR test results came back negative for COVID-19.

I won’t get into the details of getting into Thailand – because in a few weeks from this writing the country may abolish the current program for entry.

Let’s just say: it was long process, it was stressful and full of details – and it was chaotic every step of the way despite my organization. It’s too involved for the average tourist, and that’s why the Thai government is considering axing the “Test & Go” program.

We saw empty international flight gates, and near-empty planes. Indeed, there were just two international flights leaving Manila’s Terminal 1 the morning we left.

Our flight on Thai Airways was actually pleasant, but the bankrupt airline needs more customers.

Bangkok for 1 month

We are in Bangkok for one month. I need some sober support, and it is time for a serious, thorough post-breast cancer checkup.

We have an Airbnb rental perfectly positioned for our needs, with a fantastic city view and blazing fast WiFi – and a washer and dryer!

We’ll to a Kortans’ Krib episode soon. We haven’t done a video tour of our digs in more than two years. Mind blowing!

It feels great to be in a new location – in a new culture. It’s invigorating and exciting, and I’m hopeful and happy.

Life is Now!

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