Coronavirus and travel plans for Earth Vagabonds

coronavirus and travel plans for Earth Vagabonds

Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Ellen

Are you guys sick of COVID-19 yet? Hopefully you don’t catch the virus. With all the news about this in the headlines, I felt like it was a good idea to update friends and family about the coronavirus and travel plans for Earth Vagabonds.

Coronavirus and travel plans


First off, we are healthy and enjoying the Philippines. Hikes around waterfalls, snorkels at coral reefs, explorations of communities and neighborhoods. We are out and about as usual. We even use public transportation.

The virus hasn’t caused a run on toilet paper here — I guess that’s just in ‘Merica. But we have noticed a few changes.

The Philippines is an island nation, with more than 7,100 islands! When one ferries from one island to another, some ports have have workers test temperatures of people as soon as they get off the boat. Mall guards have temperature guns at some entrances, and so do some hotels with international customers.

We haven’t had fevers, so I don’t know what would happen if we were pulled aside.

A temperature gun being used to test for coronavirus on Camiguin Island in the Philippines.

Travel plans

Tedly’s mom is still with us. Her flight home was through China, and so it was cancelled. Mom Diane is rescheduled to leave after Easter, and we have the opportunity to enjoy more time with her — more hikes and more Scrabble!

Tedly and his mom hike through the forest to a waterfall despite unknown answers about the coronovirus and travel plans.

We usually have a plan of where in the world we will be several months in advance. Now is the same. We have a plan, though some of it is tentative. We have decided and committed to an apartment rental in Penang, Malaysia, for three months starting in July. This is way longer than usual, but we look forward to a longer stay and a ‘travel break’ in a place we both like.

What we will do in the closer term is more up in the air. We are committed until the end of April in the Philippines. We are watching airfare and reviewing options every few days on where to spend May and June. Perhaps we shall stay in the Philippines a little longer, or perhaps we’ll go back to Thailand.

We’re also waiting a bit longer to share what we’ll be doing beyond our three months in Malaysia for the rest of the year, because those plans also are tentative (so hang in there, mom!).

Early retirement plan

With wild market fluctuations, I try not to look too closely beyond the headlines. We have a long-term plan for early retirement that was designed to weather any storm.

Hopefully, the coronavirus and travel plans won’t become a category 5 hurricane. But even if it does, we will be okay.

I personally believe there are no accidents or mistakes with God’s will, or a Universal Design, if you like that term more. This includes “chance” meetings, “odd” coincidences, the coronavirus and travel plans.

Yet: we don’t leave everything to “blind fate.” We look for opportunities and adjust plans accordingly. Because while everything happens for a reason, we still have choices, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Price watch

We’re on the lookout for incredible deals on airfare and accommodations. As retired budget travelers, that will play a part in our near-term decisions.

The reality for many companies will be price cuts to lure back travelers and tourists. We’ve already seen it happen with airlines and Airbnb owners.

Having the freedom and flexibility to adapt and adjust our plans is an exquisite thing.

Ellen and Diane enjoy an overlook on Negros Island in the Philippines despite the coronavirus and travel plans that are up in the air.

Thanks for reading, “Coronavirus and travel plans for Earth Vagabonds.”

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  1. Just here to check up on how everyone is doing. Happy to hear you’re all well. Keep the faith and enjoy the planet. It’s the best one in our solar system. Good fortune and safe travel to you all.

    1. Thanks, Brian! We are still well – but we were offline a few days in a remote area. Now we are under quarantine – but still all okay! Best to you and your family! Stay safe out in the news world – people can be … difficult.

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