Christmas trash tree 2023

The Earth Vagabonds annual tradition of a Christmas trash tree comes from Goa, India, in 2023. The beach is actually one of the cleanest beaches we have seen in many years – in any country. It is certainly the cleanest beach in India.

But along the edge of the sand, among the palms and pines, we found fresh dumped trash that made for great shiny ‘ornaments’ and colorful ‘gifts’.

If you don’t know, we started this tradition while on week-long vacations from work in the 2000s. Places like Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico.

Now that we are retired early, the tradition continues. Read more on the history in this post.

Theo creates the tree. Sometimes I help, sometimes I don’t. This year he shooed me away like a pesky gnat getting in his way.

Way back in 2015 in Mexico, we turned our annual tradition into a giant art installation because there was so much plastic trash wrapped up in a sargassum invasion.

Tulum Christmas trash tree 2015 - art installation with plastic trash and sargassum
Christmas Trash Tree & Art Installation, Tulum, Mexico, 2015

Every year when the tree is decorated, Theo takes many photos. Then we relax by the creation with cold drinks and snacks, and entertain questions from any bystanders.

But this year no curious onlookers approached us to ask any questions.

At the end of the beach day, he disassembles the Christmas trash tree and throws the garbage in the rubbish bin. Then Theo makes our holiday card to family and friends and Earth Vagabonds readers.

So, without further ado, here is this year’s card:

Thanks for reading, “Christmas trash tree 2023.”

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