Installation features plastic, sargassum in Tulum

My spouse and I went to Tulum’s northern beach on Christmas Day. It looked beautiful as we approached.


Then we got to the shore. Sargassum has been a big problem for Caribbean beaches in 2015. Below is the first public access point if you are walking south down the road from the ruins.


Yea, the seaweed is a bummer. But, as I’ve written before, the plastic is more of a heart breaker for me.

So we made an installation of garbage art.

Tedly found some sticks for a Christmas tree and arranged seaweed around it, while I found the much of the festive decorations.


Our Christmas tree even had gifts under it.


Some people stopped by to look at our arrangement, but they had to stand because the broken plastic chair only had three legs.


We can’t get around using plastic. Imagine a society without it. Won’t happen. We love the convenience and the initial cost is so low. However, now we seem to be paying more of a price, no?


We hope you had a great Christmas, and that you didn’t get – or give – too much plastic.


And, here’s to hoping 2016 doesn’t see any more plastic trash in Earth’s oceans.


3 thoughts on “Installation features plastic, sargassum in Tulum”

  1. So sorry to see all of this plastic “garbage” on this beautiful beach. Sadly, I’m sure it’s a growing problem everywhere & on every beach. ? If only there was a way of proper disposal….

  2. It’s sad to see all the trash that washes up on the shore. Makes you think about what’s floating around the ocean. Ugh.

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