Celebrating God in Tulum

Last Updated on June 3, 2023 by Ellen

On a bike ride around Tulum last Sunday evening, I stopped at churches to listen to people celebrate faith in God.

One church had a lot of singing and dancing and happy, loud celebrating. I could hear the song down then street because the speakers sent the music through the quiet night air. Another church had a woman giving the sermon.

Mexico is more than 82% Roman Catholic, and often the church is near the town square. I found alternative churches by riding up and down Tulum streets away from the main Avenida.

At one place of worship, I heard about a spiritual way of life lived every day, with its parishioners all nodding in approval. At all places I found, I heard the themes of joy, gratitude and peace.

I stopped to listen to the sermon or song near the entrance – often where a parent had taken a fussy child for soothing. An invitation was extended to me at each place to go inside.

Sometimes, I went in to sit for a few minutes. Always, I rode away from these small, storefront churches with a sense of comfort.

As I learn more of the language, I look forward to learning more about the faith of the people in this place.

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