Budget travel in Rome: 6+ ways to save money

The Forum - budget travel in Rome

6. Extra ideas for budget travel in Rome

There also are many other free places to visit: the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, other decorative fountains and bridges, parks, a walk around the ruins of “Teatre di Marcello” (built before the Colosseum). That’s just as a small sample.

A few final ways we stretched our money:
  1. We rented a tiny one room studio that was more like a hotel room than an apartment, since we were only in Rome for nine days. We were only there to sleep and shower anyway. Usually we rent apartments with kitchens.
  2. Walked, walked, and walked some more. We had to buy subway tickets to get from our room to the places around the center of the city. But once we were in the heart of Rome, we walked to everything. This way, we spent only about $7.25 total each day on public transportation (two people round-trip).
  3. Tedly bought beer at the corner store and enjoyed a cold one one our walks around town, instead of frequently visits to pricey cafes. (You are allowed to drink in public places in Rome, but not too many people do it.)

This blog entry would be four times as long if I covered everything we did in Rome. Whatever you plan to do in this city, you’re likely to see and experience amazing art, history, and the warm, gregarious Italians! And while you’re likely gonna drop serious cash, it’s best to accept beforehand so you can fully enjoy the moment.

More ways to save money in hot tourist spots:

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Budget travel in Rome: 6+ ways to save money

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  1. Smart, Clever point of view for visiting a somehow complicated city like Rome. I wonder if, as happened some years ago, entrance to the Musei Vaticani is free on Wednesday afternoons

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