Tropical paradise pictures, travel poll for Boracay Island

tropical paradise boracay and the island's white beach

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Boracay Island is a terrific tropical paradise, and here you will find pictures to prove it.

Also, this short post has a poll on how you would feel about traveling here soon.

Of course, every paradise also has its share of problems. Boracay has been slammed down with the global tourism collapse. People are struggling – as they are all over the world. But I’ll save that side of the story for another day.

Today, it’s all about the visuals and your opinion.

Tropical paradise pictures

If you are unacquainted with this tropical paradise called Boracay Island, this slide show is for you.

If you had a shitty week, this slide show is for you.

If you are wondering where to travel next, these pictures might speak to you.

  • fluffy, powdery sand on boracay island
  • cove beach near diniwid on boracay
  • tropical paradise boracay picture of white sand beach
  • dark colored rocks against white sand at diniwid beach
  • water the color of turquoise jewels at tropical paradise boracay island in the philippines
  • tedly on white sand beach on boracay island
  • boracay's white beach
  • storm clouds approaching diniwid beach
  • tropical paradise boracay sunset over the ocean
  • pink from the sky relfected on boracay's famous white sand beach
  • colorful boracay sunset
  • tropical paradise boracay sunset with couple walking the beach
  • tropical paradise boracay just after sunset at diniwid

Life is Now – and we are enjoying Heaven on Earth.

As ‘residents’ of Malay since the ‘Rona rocked the world, we are allowed to travel to Boracay – just a short five-minute ferry ride from our long-term apartment rental on the mainland.

Travel poll

And now, I’m curious. Would you visit Boracay Island anytime soon? Say… sometime within the next six months?

Thanks for reading, “Tropical paradise pictures, travel poll for Boracay Island.”

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