Trip to town, puppy love, strange fruit, earthquake!

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Following a night of really strange dreams, my day started at 4:00 a.m. when I woke up with a start, worried I missed a call with my family back in the USA. I slept right through the last call two weeks ago.

I stayed semi-conscious in bed for an hour more, then got up for coffee and sunrise. It was great to see my family on Zoom and I enjoyed the hour-plus video call.

After blog work and sweeping, breakfast and sunscreen application, I set out for a trip into Malay town.

Trip to town

Under the General Community Quaratine (GCQ), I am allowed to leave our apartment and our neighborhood to get supplies.

I walked into Malay town, the day already a scorcher at 9:30 a.m. I noticed there were many more people out than on May 1, the first day of the “New Normal” and my first walk that way.

My plan was to take a closer look at what was available, and perhaps if something struck my eye, I’d make a buy.

Along the way, I saw many signs to remind people about “social distancing” and telling people to “stay at home.”

Trip to town, puppy love, strange fruit-- two girls by a sign that says, "stay at home."

In town, I found a mini-mart that sold cans of ‘Coke No Sugar’ (Coke Zero). I haven’t had that in weeks!

I also bought a few ‘long’ bananas, which we haven’t had in a while. There are something like nine types of bananas in the Philippines. Usually we get one of the short versions, but I felt like splurging for type I’m used to — a kilo of long bananas for $1.

On the way home, I lifted my cloth bag with bananas and coke like a weight as I walked. It feels good to be active on Earth. It had been so long since I put on sneakers to go for longer walks that today’s trip caused a toe blister.

Strange fruit: Macopa

There’s an apple tree at the Hangout Beach Resort, but it’s not an apple tree like in America. This beautiful tree produces a fruit locally called “macopa.” It’s like an apple – but different.

The skin is a tad thicker, and the inside is softer. There is a thin, flexible core, but the rest of it is edible. It’s delicious!

Trip to town, puppy love, strange fruit -- a plate of five macopa

Marcopas are found in other Southeast Asian countries under different names, but we’d never had one before. Thanks to Edenia for bringing us some from the tree!

Fish Sinigang

Another new thing we tried today: sinigang.

Mom Diane gave Tedly a break from cooking tonight. She made fish sinigang – a Filipino fish soup-slash-stew. It was great! Lovely vegetables and flavorings, including ginger.

mom diane cooks sinigang

She used part of that fish I showed you earlier this week. And there is still enough of that fish left for two more meals – for all three of us.

Puppy love: Snow

Saved the best part for last. I went swimming with a puppy again today (pictured at the top of this post). Her name is Snow. I love her. Here she is teething on my finger:

Trip to town, puppy love, strange fruit -- ellen holds snow the puppy

The owner also has three other great dogs – I love them, too. And also, her cats. Momma Cat sits on command for food – I’ve never seen a cat do that!

Nothing like a little bit of puppy love to brighten your sour pandemic mood!


I was in bed reading when the bed shook. I immediately knew it was an earthquake, having experienced them around the world. Nothing broke – no one was hurt.

The quake was a 4.7, centered nearest Lawa-an, Philippines, 54 miles from here. It’s depth was nearly 21 miles in Earth. There was no tsunami threat. Thank heavens.

And that’s a wrap on life during another pandemic day here in paradise. Hope your day was equally awesome.

Thanks for reading, “Trip to town, puppy love, strange fruit.”

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  1. You get to go with the puppy into the ocean?!? How fun!

    We took our dog to the beach once. He loved it, but drank a lot of sea water, which…well, 15 minutes later, convinced us that he should never go in the ocean again! ?

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