The simple life on lockdown during killer virus days

simple life on lockdown

Last Updated on June 3, 2023 by Ellen

Despite the killer virus, quarantines, lockdowns, crashing markets, growing food lines and desperation — did you live today how you want to live?

A friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor. She’s coming up on two years since her diagnosis. She wrote this in her personal journal for family and friends, but it’s so genius, I had to share it here.

My question for you: If you were told you have a 30% probability of getting cancer within the next 8 years (and likely dying from it), what would you do differently in your life? 

And then I have two follow up questions for you: (1) Why aren’t you doing it now?  and (2) What would it take for you to make the change and do it?

Now I will tell you, she assumes you aren’t doing what you want right now.

For the most part, I am doing exactly what I want to do — living how I want to live. I have some changes I’d like to make. But in the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy the moment – because that’s the way I want to live.

What did I do today? Nothing, and everything.

I read, texted with family, swept up, worked on the blog.

I meditated, prayed. Took two dips in the ocean (once when a hot flash was going to be the death of me). Felt the wind cool my damp skin. Took a short, leisurely walk.

Watched tiny sand crabs dart around rocks and burrow holes. Teased those crabs with rocks over their little holes. Examined a thick, clear and blue and gooey washed up dead jellyfish. Picked out a coral piece and small, unusual rock to add to the collection on the roof, which was started by Mom Diane.

simple life on lockdown - shells and rocks and coral pieces on a roof against jungle

I watched fathers and sons play with homemade toy sailboats. Thought about the fishermen who all left shore just before sunset, families waving goodbye. Watched a flock of unusual birds head north at sunset. Saw the sky painted pinks and purples and oranges when the sun went down, with my spouse sitting near me.

Enjoyed a wonderful comfort food dinner, especially prepared for me by Tedly — a cheese (!) omelette with some chicken, home fries with hot sauce (!), salad. He scored a chunk of cheese on his latest supply run – something we haven’t had in nearly seven weeks. He and mom had the same – but smaller omelettes with pork chops.

I fed the Hangout Beach Resort dogs the fat and bones from the chops after dinner. I love doing that whenever I can because I love dogs. There are three dogs and a puppy named Snow.

Simple life on lockdown - sunset swim with people and one dog, toy sailboat in the background.

Months ago, when we were in Bohol, Mom Diane prophetically said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to live just a simple life…’ to get enjoyment from the simple things in life. Well, look at us now. On quarantine in the Philippines during a pandemic. At a beach resort. Travel on pause. Simple life rhythms all around us — a simple life on lockdown.

Yes. For me, a simple life feels great. And I’m grateful for it.

However you answered my friend’s first question — take a look a close look at your answer. This could be your chance to change how you respond to your choices.

What would you do differently? And then our follow up questions to you: (1) Why aren’t you doing it now? and (2) What would it take for you to make the change and do it?

I could say, ‘Fly to Israel,’ because it’s a place I want to visit. But instead, I’ll keep it simple, and today I’ll take another dip (or two) in the sea.

Thanks for reading, “The simple life on lockdown during killer virus days.”

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