The shit ignorant Americans say about immigrants

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I am tired of the outrageous statements some ignorant and fearful Americans make about immigrants who are in the U.S. – legally or illegally. Unfortunately for me, some of my family members share the views of the statements I am about to refute. I know this isn’t going to change any minds, but calling bullshit on irrational fear and selfish greed makes me feel better.

“They should stay in their own country.”

Well, this statement is stupid. First, the people who made this statement are Americans because their ancestors didn’t stay in their own country.

This statement is also ignorant. An immigrant would be lucky to make $10 a day, if they can find work at home. They would be thrilled to have a job that would pay minimum wage hourly in the U.S. Therefore, the immigrant leaves home to find a job to support his or her family. Or, maybe the immigrant doesn’t want to stay in his or her own country because there is no food and water to be found at any price. Or, maybe there are bombs (often supplied by the U.S.) destroying their hometown or city and they may fear for their lives. Maybe they’re trying not to get their heads cut off simply because they believe in (your) Jesus Christ.

Migration from one’s home is not one’s first choice. Would you want to leave your home? Of course not. Why do you think others want to leave theirs? They don’t, really. When people leave for greener pastures (like the U.S.), it’s because they have no great choices for work and they have a family to support, or, they fear for their safety and security.

Part of the border fence from the Mexican side in Tijuana.

“Why can’t their own country take care of their own? Why do I have to? I worked hard all my life.”

You’re not really taking care of them when they enter the country illegally. In fact, they are taking care of you. They are working jobs you don’t want to do, such as backbreaking agricultural work. Or milking cows in freezing weather. Their low wage labor keeps costs down for the abundant food in your kitchen. (There is more on this ignorant statement below.)

A portion of the border fence, seen from the side of Tijuana, Mexico.

“Send ’em all back, we don’t want or need them.”

This is just close-minded and cruel. America was built up to a superpower because innovative ideas came from a large and varied base of citizens. Unfortunately, white supremacy has always been prevalent, but many immigrants have still made great contributions to our society. Madeline Albright and Albert Einstein are two examples off the top of my head.

“If you can’t speak English, get the ____ out.”

I just mentioned white supremacy, and I’ll mention it again. Just because you don’t understand the language doesn’t mean other people can’t use it. Sure: if everyone spoke one language, the world would be a better place because there would be less of a chance for confusion and misunderstanding. I’m not saying I believe English is superior to Spanish or Arabic.

Have you tried to learn another language? I’ll tell you I have, and it’s incredibly difficult (and I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent). Get real – and get over yourself. Live and let live. Your stress level and blood pressure will go down.

A section of the border between the U.S. and Mexico near Tijuana.

Hey – what happened to respecting human dignity?

Americans who make those kinds of statements have no sense of decency on human dignity. They are often racist, though they claim they aren’t.

Ultimately, I think these racist views demonstrate ignorance coupled with greed for more and fear of losing what they already have – even if it’s just a “little” by more affluent American standards. Instead of a moral leader, which I believe the world needs, America ended up with Donald Trump as its leader and he feeds the racism, greed, and fear.

Americans who believe those statements truly have no idea how good they have it, even if they only have a little. Sure, your coal mining job is gone – but there aren’t bombs hitting your apartment building. Sure, you’re on Obamacare – but you aren’t a 9-year-old child picking coffee beans in 100-pound-sacks on your back in Latin America. Sure, your budget is so tight you live paycheck to paycheck, but you don’t have to walk miles to get decent drinking water. Yes – some people in some places have it that bad – and much, much worse.

I don’t believe illegal immigration is the answer, but neither is the road we’re on right now. I don’t know what the answer is, but this all might be easier to manage if we weren’t always adding more people to the planet.

Now let’s go back to the statement, “Why can’t their own country take care of their own?

Because there aren’t enough jobs and industry to support our world with a gazillion people, and so there are winners and losers in the game of haves and have nots. Some can have, some cannot. Some can have a lot, some cannot. Overpopulation is a real issue that’s not addressed. And, among the billions of souls on this earth, if you are lucky enough to be born as an American, no matter your situation – no matter how little you think you have – you have. You are a winner. Be fucking grateful and show some respect to other human beings who aren’t as lucky.

Pacific Ocean sunset from the Mexican side of the border fence in Tijuana.

Nothing about the human condition will improve until Americans who make those ignorant and fearful statements realize that this is not a game of ‘us’ versus ‘them’. No. This often is a life and death struggle out in the real world while they themselves are the ones hiding in caves of greedy fantasy.

So what kind of people are trying to get into the U.S. to better themselves, their lives and the safety and security of their families? Well, I’ve met several in Central America and Mexico who were deported out of the U.S. before Trump was elected. The people I’ve met are intelligent and hard-working. They are kind and open-minded. Maybe if Americans knew more about the situations immigrants find themselves in, they wouldn’t say such stupid shit and we all could work on finding a decent solution to ensure everyone has dignity.

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  1. This is just SO spot-on, thank you! I am Canadian, but deal with this same attitude on a regular basis also. I am going to share this blog on my Facebook page with the hope that maybe, just maybe, it will sink in to one or two thick heads!

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