Thank you 2022!

theo and ellen on camels in thar desert, india, 2022

What was the *best thing about your 2022?

I had so many great things happen!

– I’m still sober; there’s no evidence of cancer in me. I made new friends; re-connected with older ones. We were free to travel; we enjoyed so many new places!

But if I had to pick just one thing — the *best thing — about 2022, it’s that I got to spend it with this amazing human being in every picture below.

We are souls experiencing Earth together— and we travel now because Life is Now. That was the whole point to retire early and travel the world!

montage of photos from our 2022 travel adventures
theo and ellen montage photos from 2022
ellen and theo photo montage from 2022
photo montage of theo and ellen in 2022

Thanks for reading “Thank you 2022!”

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