Special message for breast cancer DETECTION month

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Hello October!

It’s breast cancer DETECTION month. Because we are all “aware” of breast cancer, right? So let’s call it what it is — a month to remind women all over the world to check their ta-tas, to squish their boobies, either by machine or hand.

Early detection for me meant life extension. My cancer was an aggressive type, but it was the earliest Stage 1.

Breast Cancer DETECTION Month

Friends in the First World: please get a 3D mammogram if you are over 40– maybe even earlier if you have a family history with breast cancer. You have access to medical technology many women on Earth wish they had.

Friends in developing countries: please do not be shy about feeling your breasts. Your body, your life. You can still catch it early, even when you don’t have easy access to a mammogram machine. There is a good how-to guide by breastcancer.org.

All friends: Life is Now.

Breast Cancer DETECTION Month

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