News from paradise, the homeland, and Mom Diane

the new book cover for 'rage' is depressing news from the homeland

(Ellen’s note: News from the homeland affects us, even though we are in a “pandemic paradise.” Incisive readers know our ‘paradise’ is actually riddled with problems, and those deeply affect us, as well. This is a commentary on current events by Tedly, and I wish he’d write these more often.)

As my wife, Ellen, reported yesterday, we are back home. Well — back at our long-term ‘pandemic home’ in Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines.

We just spent more than two weeks on the nearby, beautiful, tourist island of Boracay. Both places are in economic shambles due to the coronavirus.

Suddenly, I have the blahhhs. Yup. A slight post-vacation depression. It kinda surprised me. Monday, I hardly wanted to get out of bed. Today, slightly better.

I remember the feeling. Before early retirement – coming back to cold, rusty, gray, Cleveland, Ohio, after a week or two of vacation in the tropics. Uhhhhggg! Depressing!

Of course, this is different. Far more mild. And I’m still in the tropics – with a constant view of Boracay. And always, retired.

Still, leaving the powdery white sand beaches and tourist restaurants (the few that are open) of Boracay to come back to the brown stone beach and fishing boats of mainland Malay was a slight downer.

And we immediately returned to some unpleasant ongoing financial issues; obligations we’ve made, bills to be paid, requests for assistance. Needs are unending in this struggling region which relies on tourism as it’s economic engine. We help as we can.

Admittedly, we had gone over to Boracay to get away from those pressures; to relax and reset after six months of COVID crisis which has derailed our international vagabonding.

Upon our return, I also made the depressing ‘mistake’ of looking at US news. Again, we had tried to avoid the ‘real world’ during our Boracay beach escape.

The story of the week: the President of the United States admitted in recorded interviews that he knew how deadly the coronavirus was but lied to the American population about it since the beginning of the outbreak.

Nearly 200,000 Americans are dead. About 1,000 more die each day.


Even more sickening, the so-called ‘leader’ and his deplorable supporters are blaming the reporter for not immediately notifying the public about the president’s deadly deception.

Hell, why not blame Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama or Lindsey Graham or Antifa or illegal immigrants or Muslims or China or fake news? Of course, I’m sure Fux News is blaming all those and more for the president’s lethal deceit.

Speaking of Hilary; just imagine the conservative outrage if she were the leader who’s lying resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Gasbag Trump wanted her locked up for deleting emails. She was blamed for FOUR American deaths in Benghazi, Libya.

Trump’s COVID lies could cost 400,000+ souls.

He said during the last interview, “Nothing more could have been done”. How disgusting!

Personally, I think he should be charged with homicide. His Russian collusion, Ukraine quid pro quo impeachment, support for white supremacists, and ‘pussy-grabbing’ sexual assault all pale in comparison.

Lock him up! The deplorable minions know the chant.

Finally, my 81-year-old mother, who has been with us here in the Philippines since last Christmas, and extended her stay due to coronavirus flight cancellations, announced tonight that she is considering going home to America sometime in October.

Sadly, she would be returning to a country where the top political leaders care so little for the well-being of the populace that they conceal the truth and allow citizens to die.

I have no confidence that Donald Trump will work to keep my mother safe – or any other person. In fact, he has acted to increase the harm caused to Americans. He’s a disgrace and a danger, a megalomaniac, and an abomination to his office. He’s also a killer. He belongs in a jail cell or the electric chair.

Lock him up!

Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “News from paradise, the homeland, and Mom Diane.”

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3 thoughts on “News from paradise, the homeland, and Mom Diane”

  1. We just discovered you this morning as we had a collective panic attack about the dark forces taking over our country. The time seems right to research escape options if four more years should happen. Deep thanks to both of you for showing how it really is possible to find fulfillment on your own terms. Looking forward to diving in and reading your inspiring site. Take care – Marta and Craig – Tempe, Arizona

  2. You are not alone in what is becoming daily outrage. Hopefully we are the majority of US citizens and this nightmare will end soon. We will be voting from Portugal tmrrw when out ballots will be ready. Can’t wait!

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