Malaysia: One of the best countries for dental work for slow budget travelers in early retirement

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It was time for our teeth cleanings and check ups again, and lucky for us, we were in one of the best countries for dental work.

There are many dentists and dental surgeons in George Town on Penang Island, Malaysia. We picked one on a recommendation during our first trip to the area. The experience was excellent, so we went back seven months later. Here, we share more details than our first time around.

Our appointments were made with a few days notice. The service was excellent. We have toothy smiles today.

So what were the services, and at what cost?

  • Me: cleaning, consultation, and x-rays, polished bonding
  • Tedly: cleaning and consultation, one filling

***Total price for us both = $97.17*** (410 ringgit on the receipt)

receipt for dental work shows the price in Malaysian ringgit, which is equivalent to about 97 USD
Our receipt in Malaysian ringgits for our dental work.

I have two fillings underneath cosmetic bonding on my front two teeth. The bonding covers stains from braces as a kid. Back in Mexico, the dentist told me to keep an eye on those fillings in about a year, because they are ‘white’ fillings that shrink and need replacement, eventually.

The dentist in Malaysia: no need to worry about those yet. Do it in another six months or year when you replace the bonding.

Also the dentist in Malaysia: I have patients from the U.S. and Canada who come here and say they were told they needed 10 fillings — when they really need none.

Where did we go for this dental work?

KK Ong Dental in the Tanjung Tokong neighborhood of George Town.

While we did not have any surgeries such as dental implants, we saw this office was busy and it gets high reviews for such services. I would feel comfortable getting that kind of treatment at this office, should that day ever come.

The website is here.

I went to Dr. Tan Ai Yong, and Tedly saw Dr. Chong Yoh Thing.

Who goes to Malaysia – one of the best countries for dental work?

Australians take medical and dental ‘vacations’ for the health care system in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. They get first-rate care with modern facilities, and it’s cheaper than home.

We think more Americans would discover Malaysia is one of the best countries for dental work, and medical treatment, if airfare wasn’t a potential budget buster. Decent airfare can be a challenge to nab if you are not already in that part of the world.

We would suggest looking at Air Asia and Scoot Airlines options into Kuala Lumpur, and then bus and ferry to Penang.

To any new readers, and a reminder for our long-time followers, we get nothing in return for this review— we simply want to share our positive experience and show another example of good medical care abroad.

Medical disclaimer:

The information contained on this site is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider.

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