Best massage in Tulum – or anywhere, actually

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(April 2023 editor’s note: As of 2021, Margo no longer lives in Tulum, Mexico, but she does visit. And, she offers the services described below, plus others. See her website for more information, which is linked the post below.)

I asked a closed Facebook group in Tulum for recommendations on getting a massage. I figured the locals would know best. So many people said go see Margo Guenther – that I reached out to her and made an appointment.

Oh. My. Heavens. I’m so glad I did. It turned out to be the best massage of my life!

The best massage in Tulum – or anywhere!

The massage was so good – I rode several miles on my bike and also ran a 5K in the sweltering Mexican heat – and was still very relaxed and not all tense more than a week later!

The studio apartment I’m renting is very small, so I went to Margo’s home in pueblo for the massage, where she has a massage studio.

Her home has great energy, and the massage parlor also has great vibes and feels relaxing. The room has massage tables, private bathroom, fans, AC if needed, mood lighting and appropriate music. I was grateful to be able to go there and escape from my noisy neighborhood and tiny apartment.

Heavenly hands

Margo starts her time with you in a special way I’ve never experienced, and I’ve had a lot of massages over the years.

Since that first massage was so heavenly, I made a second appointment about a month later. I am writing this review several hours after my second time with her.

I decided to write this review because there are so many other places in Tulum that advertise ‘professional’ massages. But most of the other massages I’ve had in Mexico are just someone rubbing oil into your skin.

Margo is the real deal – she will give you a truly healing, relieving, magical massage. She is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist in Washington state.

She’s cute, sweet and smart to boot!

On top of all that – and in many ways just as important – Margo is a really sweet and smart woman! I love talking with her! And, if you are new to Tulum, or don’t know it all that well, she has vast knowledge about it and is happy to offer suggestions and recommendations.

Her website (active as of April 2023) offers more information. You should make an appointment as far in advance as possible – especially during high season, which starts in December.

I am so happy I took the Facebook group’s advice and went to Margo! I’m glad I know her 🙂

She is willing to share her gift to help you feel good – take advantage of it. I did, and I feel amazing!

Margo’s website address on this post was updated on October 17, 2019, and rechecked in April 2023.

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