A spousal disagreement over a dog named Tyson on the beach

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We have a lot of time to do nothing. So we do a lot of people watching. Every now and then, my spouse and I have a disagreement, or a difference of opinion, on what we see. Like when we saw a large dog named Tyson piss all over someone’s belongings at the beach.

This dog is large, and might be a bit ominous looking, if you are not all that into dogs. But I think Tyson is a nice four-legged chap. (I love dogs.)

Tyson likes to walk around and piss on things. We constantly see him lifting his legs on trees and boats. This picture shows him in action, but it was taken from far away with my iPhone, so it’s not that great.

You get the idea.

Well, near our table, was a group of four foreign men. They were tall, thin, Caucasian, and we think they were Dutch. They were all drinking bottles of Coke, and going back and forth between the water and their table.

At one point, three of them were in the water, and one came out to sit on his chair facing the water, with his towel draped over the back of his chair.

Tyson came along, sniffed the end of the towel dangling behind the man, lifted his leg and marked the spot. Tyson trotted off. He left a large wet circle on the bottom of the man’s towel.

My husband Tedly lit up with laughter. My jaw dropped. It was a funny situation, but that poor man could grab his towel at any second to dry off – he’d just been in the water two minutes earlier! I told Tedly I was headed over to let the guy know. Tedly didn’t want me to – he wanted to see if the man would use the towel, and possibly rub dog urine on himself.

You have to understand my husband’s sense of humor. When something is funny, he likes to let it play out to see what else happens – if it can get any better. Many times I go along for the ride and we continue watching people to see comedies unfold. I have laughed so hard sometimes, my body goes weak. Of course, neither of us laughs when someone is facing any serious harm.

Back to Tyson’s mark. I’d want someone to tell me before I rubbed dog urine on myself, so I got up and told the man. “Ese perro? Orino su toalla.” And in English, “That dog? Peed on your towel,” while pointing to the dog, now far away, and back to the towel.

He got the message, thanked me and moved the towel to a chair at a table that no one was using. Then he went back in the water.

Tedly and I laugh about it now and then – especially when we see Tyson strutting around the beach. Tedly’s not a fan of dogs, so I find it funny when Tyson checks him out. Maybe that dog? Will pee on his foot.

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  1. Well, we all know what my answer would of been… and it wouldn’t of been to tell the man … dog pee never hurt anyone…the water was right there… could have been more entertaining… whose a good boy.? Tyson! ?

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